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  • 348 weeks
    Shutting it down.

    I will no longer be posting work on this website. Sorry.

    I mean, it's not like anyone here really read any of it, to be honest. No, I'm not giving up writing - not at all. I'm just not putting any more of it up here.

    If by some miracle you are one of my two or three readers, you may find my stuff at the following links:


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  • 356 weeks

    I think I might need a new cover artist due to time constraints (my previous one might be getting his doctorate), but I've no idea where to ask.

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  • 357 weeks

    So you're wondering where I went and where Black went.

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  • 366 weeks
    Guys, I'm sorry.

    I have to rewrite Black. This neuroplasty thing is making me think more clearly and I just had far, far better ideas about how to get the plot down and I’d better do it now while it’s only 8,000 words because that’s nothing for me to re-do.

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  • 367 weeks
    For those who may still care:

    I am halfway done, after about two rewrites, with the first official chapter of Black. It is entitled The Tangled Web.

    As for what I've been doing in the interim, drop by my fanfiction.net account and look at all that Gravity Falls stuff I wrote. I mean, wow.

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Hi! · 6:49pm Oct 9th, 2013

So you're wondering where I went and where Black went.

Well, I've been writing it, but the way this site's formatting works drives me up the wall so bad I put off posting it here. Continuously. And then I just forgot. If you've been following along with my tumblr, you've seen the chapters come out. Anyway, there are eight in the pile (and nine is under construction) that I will put up here once a day until everyone is caught up.

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