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Back to work... · 9:00pm Oct 6th, 2013

So, just got back from our honeymoon yesterday. Drove down to San Diego, with various stops on the way (Santa Cruz, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles). We visited Universal Studios (somewhere RatofDrawn really wanted to go) and San Diego Zoo (somewhere I've wanted to go since I was little), as well as drove past the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, visited Hollywood, strolled the Santa Barbara wharf, and enjoyed the scenery going down Highway 1.

We had a lot of adventures, and I could get into the details, like thinking we entered a scary movie when we got lost driving through a small town full of mannequins after dark, only to find out later that it was part of their Scarecrow festival, and being scammed in Hollywood out of $11...or me nearly dying on the Jurassic Park Ride (okay, not nearly dying, but I HATE THAT RIDE! I like neither animatronics nor heights, but Rat MADE ME GO ON IT), or finding out that Rat doesn't like monkeys because they creep him out while passing the primate section at a zoo. But, I won't go into it. Too much happened, and we have pictures scattered between two phones and two cameras to sort through before I can even comprehend how many places we went in just a week's time.

That being said, we're back to two cats, a bird, and a fish, and normal life again. I have to do some work today, as does he, and we have lots of things we were putting off because of the wedding and honeymoon plans we must now get to.

I have so many stories to finish in my free time, and he has so many commissions he has to get to.

Also, there is BABScon in April of next year that I'm all excited for. (We don't need to book a hotel room or anything! WEEE!!) I've been waiting for a Brony event to take place here in the Bay Area, and this one is so close to home, we could just drive there in the morning. It's like 20 minutes away!!! How awesome is that?! No need to get someone to take care of our pets, I don't have to juggle my work to the extreme to plan for a weekend away, and we don't have o pay extra money to stay in a hotel, get an airplane ticket, or call a cab! (parking might be an issue, though...hmm) Plus, if we do a vendor stall, we don't have to lug anything through the airport.

I hope it's a good con. Don't give the bay area a bad name >_<

Anyways....did I miss anything? I hear it's Appletober ^_^

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Comments ( 4 )

Good to hear you enjoyed yourself.

Oh, and you're wrong, it's bestPonytober:ajsmug:

What's the difference:raritywink:?

You should've stopped by to visit me here in Claremont!

I kid, I kid.

But, honestly, it sounds like you two had an absolutely wonderful time, and I look forward with bated breath for the new stories and other commissioned pieces! (Mostly the stories though!)

Still so happy for you both!

1401181 Rat called you a kiss-ass. (He kids, don't worry. He just glared at me when I giggle happily at that comment)

Also, to answer your question from last time, no...we didn't have chocolate covered grapes at the wedding. That would have been AWESOME.

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