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FREAKING LIVID · 11:33pm Oct 5th, 2013

I am freaking mad right now. I just went to watch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 in the theater and right in the middle of the movie my Samsung Galaxy S3 (my first smart phone that I've only had for a few weeks, got if after school started) slips out of my pocket and lands screen down on the concrete floor of the theater! The screen is shattered. I was with the same guy who's yard I was in when I killed that bird. He calls up the 'tech support' or whatever it is for the phone and they said it would cost around $170 just to send in the phone to repair the screen! After he hangs up he tells me how he drops, kicks, and other things that should have broken his phone and it is still perfectly in tact. Of course the one time I bring my first smart phone somewhere it would simply slip from my pocket, land screen down, and shatter! I have that feeling where a kid just knows when their parent is going to give a lecture, nag at me, or ground my sorry behind. I really liked this phone too. It still works but I'm sure the screen will cut me or get annoying and I'll get pissed the freak off. Just like now.

EDIT: Of course my dog would puke. GOD DANG IT!

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