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    If your new to my stories here, howdy and welcome.

    Blue Skies is finally done, I wanted to end it on a lovely note that felt satisfactory enough. I've had a few messages asking me if it would ever finish and I'm sorry it took four years, it's definitely not a good enough ending to be worth the years of waiting.

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    As I shout out into the vacant wastelands...

    Lots of stuff happened, mostly second guessing myself on every word-
    But it will all be over soon- I can't wait to finally cut off Blue, I hope to get it all written this next weekend (Regardless of graduation) and then get it patched up to upload.

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    Does anyone have any links to the new mlp episodes from 8-above?

    Like a playlist or something, because youtube is chock full of-
    It's sort of stupid and kind of annoying, most of the people that even do that just have a facecam of them watching it normally and some force commentary.
    Do people really like to watch other people watch a show?

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    Blue Skies + Headcount

    I wonder how many of you are still waiting for the next chapter
    I've had several impulses to write, but I never obeyed them because I'm too confused about a few things.

    We all know how it's going to end but- am I dragging it out too long? Or should I just end it with a final decent sized chapter

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  • 409 weeks

    Almost Christmas, whoo.
    Didn't forget anyone, although you probably have forgotten me, just busy.

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Just one of those days I guess. · 5:18am Oct 5th, 2013

Lost a really good friend, no matter what I said- I guess it couldn't have helped.
I needed a little bit of venting to help me keep steady, sadly there's nobody to vent to. Nobody even reads my blogs, and let alone even reads my stories anymore.
My views generate just because it got featured long ago, and then people just read whats featured whenever it gets updated.
And now my friends over the internet either never talk to me or ever get on, and it's really starting to suck- I feel as if I'm starting to drift away from my computer, I'm lacking purpose to even write, let alone talk to anyone

I don't even know these people- yet I can't help but care about them so much
Even if they are faking, their faking being really cool and sometimes really nice people
But no matter how nice or how much time I waste talking to them- it always ends up in a slow decay
Sure I have my friends in the real world, but they aren't nearly as easy to talk to as some text that replies back to the situation

It's just shattering
Nobody listens, nobody reads, nobody cares about you on the internet- at least I'm not sure anymore. Because no matter how much I care about them, they drift away or become awkward and it's putting me in a downwards spiral that ends up in me hurting myself because I care about them so much

Things are becoming way too boring, and it's getting old trying to hang onto old stuff
I told myself to write when I can, School is pulling me down
I told myself to start working out again and make myself all around a better person- these internet friends and games push me away from that
I told myself to always care about others- I do my best, but sometimes you just forget

Blue Skies is a terrible story, so are all of my works- They all lack structure, grammar, and general direction and you all read it
I'm a shit author
A confused person right now, and it's really pissy
I'm such a fucking idiot, I always end up setting myself up for this garbage
I try to remain calm, and I try to always look at things from all angles, and I try to get myself in good positions to where I don't have to worry about much other than pushing myself forward in life
And it all comes back-
Everytime I try and push forward, it pushes me back in one way or another
and it really hurts
But like always I'll probably just continue to try and push forward lightly
But it just really gets a guy down, pretty low

I even neglect a few people myself, but I guess it can't be helped
I'm just a voice trying to talk into the wind right now
Goodnight everyone, hopefully tomorrow lightens up a bit- it'd be a nice change of pace

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My day yesterday wasn't as bad as yours, but it was bad as well. I had a pretty good day, then things went down after 7th period, I left my notebook with the pages for a new fan fic I wanted to work over the weekend, at school today, and the football game after that was just terrible for me. I know I shouldn't be dropping the drama bomb like this, but I want you to know something.

I still read your stories, they've helped me realize that I could be a great writer, and that no matter what, things will get bad, even terrible, but you should keep striving no matter what! Heck, my stories are only read when they're updated, and I can't update that much anymore.

Never forget the good writer within you my friend, you're an amazing writer, better then I could ever become.

~Cadance's Paladin.

Hang in there, dude.
Don't let your stress get to you if you can help it (going through the same issues in regards to that right now) :twilightsheepish:
Things will get better-they'll only get worse if you let them. The easiest way to lose is to quit.
And I don't believe you're a quitter, otherwise you would have quit a long, long time ago. :ajsmug:
Remember: life's not all sunshine and rainbows, and you can either hide in the corner and pretend things are perfect, or you can wipe your face off, keep your head high, and face life with courage and fortitude, knowing things aren't perfect, but also knowing you aren't scared by that prospect either.

Oi, man!

Now calm down a little, will you?

Who gave you permission to wallow in self-deprecation? As far as I remember (because I read all your blog posts), life hasn't been hard enough for you to wallow in self-deprecation. When you've lost someone dear to you, when you've lost your way in life, when your addiction loses you friends and family, when you don't have a twopence in your pocket - that's when you are - maybe - allowed to wallow in whatever human beings wallow in.

I am always there for you, and I think the same can be said about your other followers.

I haven't read that trilogy or most of your stories. At all. I followed you because you are a nice person and you were great to talk to, back then, a year and a half ago, I think?

Of course, this is my fault, too. I drifted away from The Writer's Group with its new protototalitarian structure, gave up the mod's cloak, gained new followers, wrote a lot of stories - and, well, ceased to write to you.

But you did as well. So, if you need to talk about something - anything at all - I'm just a PM away.:twilightsmile:


I'm sorry I wasn't around yesterday. I know I'm not a super-important "internet friend" to you, but even so, it seems like you just needed someone to talk to, and couldn't find anyone.

-John the Lazy Faggot

I say what's up on Skype all the time. To be fair I'm not on my PC as much anymore mostly due to other things taking up my time (games, house hunting, trying to move to Canada, etc).

Man Im sorry for not being on as much right now, Ive been doing the same thing your thinking of its been a lot of work and the internet has been loosing some of its gleam.
But hell ive got an idea soon after I get back on my feet Im thinking of doing game mods/game play voiceovers, and im thinking of trying to find a co pilot think you might be interested?

I wouldn't be a very good option in comparison to your voice-
But I'd totally play with you normally

Yeah I know- but we still don't talk much, it's more on my side that we don't talk much than yours- sorry Jim

You're pretty much one of five that I care about the most homie
And it's totally not because of Shade.

Yeah it certainly has been awhile, ponies still do the strangest things

:heart: :heart:

From her majesty, Princess Cadance.

1399130 I would be completely okay with that being the reason. :twilightsmile:

1399122 XD man you jut made my morning heh when i get some more memory for my computer were going to game it up. :P

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