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I've been creeping around this site for years. You just didn't know it.

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    Human's Guide to Surviving Equestria Edits

    Hey guy! Welcome to the first blog post I've made since like 2014.

    I mentioned in HGSE Chapter 5 that I'd be adding to it when I got the chance, and D48 suggested that I make a post so you guys know when that was done. Well, I edited and added about 400 words to Chapter 5, so go check it out and let me know what you think.

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  • 458 weeks
    My uncle's a jerk

    He got me to do this bit.

    I figured there was something fishy going on, but I couldn't figure out what until he showed me this video... and the other spoon my mom was holding behind me.

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    Happy Single Awareness Day

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    Their everywhere!

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    For the My Little Dashie Fans

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OW! · 8:30pm Oct 4th, 2013

On my way to the computer in the basement I blanked out at the top of the steps. I always go two steps at a time so I put my foot out and clipped the heel of my foot on the second step down. My foot slipped down an extra step and I fell on my butt and started falling down the stairs. Since I zoned out for a moment I didn't realize what was happening until I was half way down the staircase. I managed to stop myself with my elbow. The worst that happened was the slight rug burn now on my elbow and the small amount of pain that comes from landing suddenly on your butt on the edge of a stair with all of your weight. Considering I only weight 118lbs, I'm lucky.

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