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Benman belongs to a class of bipedal ape notable for its use of tools and clothing, highly adept at symbolic communication such as language and art.

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Announcing A New Blog For Author Interviews · 7:05pm Oct 4th, 2013

The Royal Canterlot Library is a new site devoted to highlighting the best of this community's fics. Every Friday, we'll post an interview with the author of one of our favorite stories. (If this feels familiar, well, that's no accident).

I am super excited about the team behind this. We've got five curators. Each has a proven track record in this community.

Our first interview goes up a week from today. You can check out our full schedule for upcoming posts, which you'll be able to find posted on our site or at Equestria Daily.

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Comments ( 5 )

Damn, that group looks pretty fantastic.

Do you have any plans regarding .epubs or other sorts of downloads?

Author Interviewer

Sudden thought: You need to make an RCL group here and add stories to it (when possible).

That's an excellent idea. Et voila! Wanted to get it made as soon as possible, but I'll spruce it up tonight.

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