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Want to see how a real publisher rejects stories? · 6:15pm Oct 2nd, 2013

This is by no means the only rejection I've gotten, but it is the one that said the most about the story I submitted. Most just said they weren't interested and left it at that. A few details non-critical for context (my actual name, the name of the short story, and the magazine's name) have been redacted.

Honestly, it's far from the best original fiction piece I have written at the moment, so I'm not overly surprised they rejected it. At least they gave me their reactions to the story, unlike most of the places I've been submitting to lately.

(Just for clarity, I wasn't sending in one of my fanfics to these people, but rather original fiction, before someone decides to leave a "HURR HURR, THEY DIDN'T WANT YER HORSE WERDS" comments.)

For bonus points, I just received this response today, and I sent the story to the magazine in early June.

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1390315 ._. I rather enjoy Vimbert's horse words...

I don't know. They seem rather... unimpressive.


We still love you, vim. :twilightsmile:

Honestly, I wouldn't bother with magazines unless they're digital. Tor.com is the only good place that I know of that still buys short fiction.

ouch, that's rather harsh. Did you enclose the ten dollah bill like I said? :pinkiehappy:

This one is digital.

Also, after a quick look at Tor, they pay well, but I don't like that they don't allow simultaneous submissions (seriously, there's no reason for that). Also, I'm not really good at writing speculative fiction. In original fiction, I'm more of a literary than genre writer.


fkn EQD elitists not evn bothering to give real reasons

this is just like the time they rejected my HiE because it had "too many curse words"

its not evn worth bothering with eqd anymore, they're the "bland safe POS fanfiction suppository" of the fandom and hippocrits because they even have Cupcakes

ill be sending them a "fuck you" for this latest outrage. i got ur back Vimbert

Site Blogger

I kept notes on stories I read and dismissed for the Vault, and I always felt like a monster when writing ones like these, even though no one would ever see them but me. Clearly I'm not cut out to be a publisher.

Almost successful troll was almost successful.

The last two bullet points sound exactly the same.


What gave me away?

Anyway, thanks for sharing this. It's bone-chilling, but it's something aspiring writers have to learn eventually.... better sooner than later.

Sounds about right. Without having seen the story in question, I can't say if I'd agree with the notes, but in workshop I've had to read a few stories where I've wished I could say that, but have to couch it in better terms for the good of the class. They seem like the right reasons to reject a story though.
Good luck on your next one.

I've gotten one of these before. Two, actually... one for a historical fiction piece, and another for my plays. Never any fun, huh?:fluttershysad:

Just a little too overboard on the grammar errors, I suppose.

Yes... they're starting to get a bit disheartening. This is around #30 so far.

Author Interviewer

I need to start trying to get these.

Also, totally not what I expected it to be. <.< That's really personal-ish.

The lion's share of them really aren't. This is the first one that's given me any feedback whatsoever.


From the incomplete blacking out of the story title, I see you tried to send them "Celestia Ftagn." When will you learn, Vim? Crossing over brightly colored pastel ponies with sanity-destroying elder gods can't help but be a pointless snoozefest.

Seconded. Putting himself out there and getting 30 rejections means he's 30 steps closer to success than any of us amateurs.



Thanks for sharing.

The juxtaposition of this being posted by an EqD prereader is oddly amusing.

Keep at it, Vimbert. After all, it's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll write for money. For those about to rock submit art, we salute you.

Sorry, I'm not that good at reassuring platitudes.

You and I both. Shimmer gave me this:

Thank you for submitting ____ to Shimmer, but I'm afraid I'm going to pass. I felt the story was too slow to start, keeping the reader in suspense for too long as to what George's problem was.

which was already something, so I was happy. 30+, though... I look forward to reaching that, since I'm only at #3. =\

More common is, "Thank you for submitting your story to X. Unfortunately, it does not meet our needs at this time."

The other 29 have been like that.

Harshality is real.

Next time, attach a photo of your liver. Perhaps someone'll value the sacrifice that's been made.

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