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Guys, I really need help right now. · 10:41pm Oct 1st, 2013

I've been crying all afternoon. I was forced to work into a group for a project in Global. Me and K, J, and Fi are working in a group together. but hings go from calm and peaceful to mean and nasty. First, K says that I should be ashamed of myself for thinking about myself, like I'm some kind of narcissist. Then Fi gets mad because I only put J and my name on the meeting list. I told her that she didn't want to come to the meeting in the first place because K had practice on Wednesdays and Fridays. Then, she gets all in my face and tells me to change it. Mind you, the meeting recordings were being GRADED. Fi says that we should just lie, and this is why I fucking hate her right now. This is a new school, and I don't want to start my reputation as a liar. I told her that I just told the truth. Fi and K were ganging up on me and telling me that it was my fault, but J is the only one who cares. J then tells me to go home. I run as fast as I can to the train station, hoping that no one could see my tears. I ended up crying on the way home and to put the cherry on top of the pile of horseapples that is my life, my phone locked me out. I swear, high school's just like a living hellhole.

I fucking hate high school, hate people, hate my life, and hate that I'm still crying about what they said to me.
You're on my side, right?

~Flora A.K.A. Sad Visuality

Here's a picture to make me feel better:

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Comments ( 7 )

Totally on your side. You did the right thing by not lying. It's really disappointing that you were the only one in that group who had any integrity. That's not your fault, and it may hurt, but hopefully it gives you a bit of insight in how trustworthy your friends are. Seriously, if they actually cared about friendship they wouldn't have stomped all over your feelings like that, and respected your morals. People like that make me wanna rage quit social life. :twilightangry2:

1388637 Thanks so much. Do you like the picture of me? And trust me, they're not my friends. I've never met them before in my life.

1388641 Yep! Your a cutie. :raritywink:

Whats the ribbon and plaque? You look like you won an award.

1388644 Graduation awards. And thank you!


If you are still feelin' down, send me a story synopsis. I'll try to write something to cheer you up. You can sit in on Gdocs with me. Just be sure to keep it teen. :raritywink:

1388654 Seriously, my head hurts from all this crying. And I'll take you up on your offer.


PM me with the story outline. I'll create the Gdocs and link you with editing rights.

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