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  • 318 weeks
    Here's the thing...

    I didn't mean to abandon anything after I said I would come back, but I'm really, really busy right now. My sister's seven (almost eight) months pregnant with my niece and we're planning her baby shower right now for November, so that's one thing. Two, I'm working on a whole bunch of new story projects and I completely forgot about the website again, my bad. Three, I'm turning sixteen in two

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  • 341 weeks
    Yeesh, time flies by!

    I'm sooooooo sorry that I've been ignoring the site! I've been majorly busy with AP tests and the regents are coming up, along with the fact that my sophomore year is almost over and I'm going to become a junior in a few months. I'm especially sorry to TheColorNine (if he/she still goes by that name) for skipping out on our collab. I saw how much work you did, and I'm going to make it up to you.

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  • 380 weeks
    Oh wow...

    Hey guys, Flora here! I guess it's been a while since I've been here reading stories on FIMFiction. What has it been, almost seven months? Between working on regents and the end of the year report card grades, I just haven't had the time. Plus, my attention is elsewhere, since I became immersed in the anime world soon after I came back from Arlington. Now, I am a complete otaku and I guess 90% of

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  • 406 weeks
    GOOD NEWS!!!...for me...

    Okay, there's tons of good news I have to share with you all! First off, I got my report card on Friday, which says that my grade for the first semester is a 91! Awesome! On top of that, I just received my transcript today and it says I already have 8/13 total credits for ninth grade (it only takes 10 to be promoted to tenth grade (ironic isn't it?)). On top of that cake, I've been called away by

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  • 409 weeks
    School is a Virtue...NOT!

    You guys know how sometimes you have inspiration to write a fanfic but then you realize that you don't have the time or the energy to do it? Yeah, that's where I am. Stuck in a rut. The good news is that the first day of final exams are over! Whew, I thought I was gonna explode just at thought of failing the entire term. Next week, I have the entire WEEK off, so I have more time to actually do

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I'm confused.... · 7:20pm Sep 29th, 2013

Can someone tell me how to post my own pictures on the blog? I've tried everything and it hasn't worked. Oh, and on a good note, I recently passed a L.E. (Living Environment) test with flying colors. All week, I've been feeling down because I miss my friends so much---and it's good to see that I have friends here that are exactly like me and love to listen to what I have to say. Sometimes, I cry myself to sleep thinking that I'm alone and no one would look at me the same way if I told them I was a pegasister. But everyday, I see more signs of bronies in my school. One of the juniors had a Rainbow Dash wallet, and the other had an Applejack shirt. I hope that I can soon get the courage to be proud and speak up. I probably sound like a whiner right now, huh?

~Flora A.K.A. Visuality

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Well if you ever need someone to talk to, let me know. I'm here for anyone who will drop me a pm. Also, group: Crazy Cannon Bouncers my friends and I just set it up. We share lots of SFW D'aaww pics, and BS all day on the Steam Group chat. Also, of course, lots of writing and support.

STORY TIME! How I came out of the brony closet.

I was out with some friends of mine. Five big guys, all of them drinkin beer and munchin on nachos. I'm a big guy. 6'3'' 350lbs, ex-military, disabled by a landmine...my friends expect me to be tough. There was one other guy at that table who had just recently confessed that he was a brony to me, and I nearly passed out laughing as I linked him to my fimfic account. But back to the lunch...

We were sitting there and my friend who was a closet brony spoke up. He asks me how the writing is going. This sparked a round of questions from all my friends wondering what I was writing about. My friend had directly challenged me, thinking I was too chicken to admit it. So, I looked him in the eye and said I was writing fanfics based on a cartoon called My Little Pony. Dead silence...

Oh god, the awkwardness at that table. Nobody would say anything, and then the teasing started. Omg, they tore me down left and right. Of course I used the usual retorts, told them all where to shove it, but the victory was mine, because the closet brony sitting across the table from me did not have the balls to speak up and say it out loud. In fact he joined the others in teasing. Weeks later the guys still rib me a bit here and there, but they all accepted me for who I was long ago, quirks and all. So yeah, good friends will tease you, but they alway accept you for who you are, regardless how weird they may think your habits are.

As for the personal pics, if you have a facebook account, you can upload them there then link them to fimfic using the Insert Image function. Open the image in a new tab first though, or else your facebook security will block it.

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