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Today was good · 6:17am Sep 29th, 2013

Today was a pretty decent day for me. I killed my first animal today with the pellet gun I got for my 13th b-day. (Fluttershy forgive me) It was a bird.I felt kind of bad for it afterwords, but hey, what can ya do. It looked like i hit it in the neck and it didn't seem to live long enough to feel much pain. I'm staying at someone else's house for the weekend and this all happened in his yard. Later we found a tv is a trash heap and he aimed his pellet gun at it and i backed away. I'm glad I did because he shot it and it exploded! Not with fire and stuff, everything about it just shattered and made a huge boom. My mom, who was inside the house that was like 200 yards away, came out and said, and I quote, "WHAT THE CRAP WAS THAT!?" I immediately started to laugh my head off for various reasons. About an hour ago, I got done watching World War Z. I liked it. It was really different from your normal zombie flic and when the main protagonist had that victory soda at the end, I was all like, OH MY GOD! THIS GUY'S A FREAKING BADASS! And here I am now at...1:18 a.m. blogging about it.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, it would be yesterday I did all this stuff. Wouldn't it?

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You know what's creepy? I just watched World War Z and killed my first deer on Saturday. And my TV just quit on me.

1382292 :facehoof:DA FAQ!? Wow. How random?:rainbowlaugh: This... this is kinda weird. Uh, creepy.

1382292 I only killed a bird though. Forgot to say that and edited it in there

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