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Applejack is best pony~~

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Of Random Private Messages... · 12:52am Sep 26th, 2013

The first thing I thought was, "It's so nice to know the FBI ships Flutterpie." Mind you, I read it again and realized it wasn't the FBI itself with that cover image, but it was a nice thought for a while. A nice thought indeed ^_^

P.S., the account has been banned and all, but I just thought it was kind of funny to post.

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Wait....what?...Do they think that little kids use this site to plan orgy meetups?

So vanilla...

If he wants to report people who deserve pedophilia charges, he needs to go deeper down the rabbit hole.

Kinda funny I would see this while reading ingress sweet seductress :rainbowlaugh:

I read your post, but what stuck out in my mind is "She says Applejack is best pony...and yet her profile pic is of a sleepy Rainbow Dash":applejackconfused:

But yeah, trolls will be trolls.

Oh no yo, it's the fuzz. Cheese it!

1376058 :pinkiehappy:

(BTW, late congrats on tying the knot with Rat)

I find that to be rather humorous. I only wish that they had put more effort into pretending to be a textbook jerkwad instead of being blatantly obvious. That would have more entertainment value for people who like to watch such struggles.

1376060 That's because my other account has a picture of a sleeping Applejack
1376062 Quick! Let's make a run to the wackiest escape music there is!
1376064 Thank you! And you gotta let us know when you'll be tying the knot ^_^

1376073 Well the current plans are for June 14th, so still a little over 8 months to go. I can remind you when it gets close :)

1376088 Awww! Congrats! I can say now from experience PLANNING A WEDDING IS THE MOST STRESSFUL THING EVER!!! I cried twice from stress, alone. But on the day of the wedding, it all kind of came together, even if everything didn't go as planned, and it was all worth it. :heart::heart:

Anyways, happy planning and don't stress! As Bookie told me, at the end of the day, you're still married.

Somewhere out in the vast world there is an NSA data server with a copy of Stuck on it. :twilightsheepish:

On a totally unrelated note, was that carrot cake that your center piece is on?


This is really no laughing matter, though. I've seen FBI raids before, those things are brutal (they totally shot my neighbor's dog). We'd all better cease our disgusting pedophile ways, or our dogs could be next.

1376124 You mean the cake topper? No, it's rum cake! The other is red velvet.

Pinkie shy is second best ship:rainbowkiss:

You have a second account?

You could argue an avatar should reflect who we are rather than what we like. Given Callisto ships Appledash heavily, maybe she pictures herself as Rainbow Dash lusting after Applejack.

1376124 hmmmm I swear this guy I work with works for the NSA...
Ironic seeming as how I'm a government sanctioned assassin:P

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