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II TrailBlazer II

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  • 434 weeks
    My OC's (update)

    So this Blog is where I will catalog all my OC's.

    ...Will be updates...

    Lets get started.

    II TrailBlazer II (Thanks to GrapeParfait for the pic)

    Gender: Stallion
    Race: Unicorn

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    AMA #1


    When is your birthday?

    October somethin'erather...


    1. Are you a Latino for real?
    2. Do you like sauce?
    3. How do you say that thing we keep saying on Xbox? The thing with the cow.
    4. Assassin or Templar?

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    AMA anyone?

    Im bored.... 1st A.M.A.
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    Ignore this....

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  • 455 weeks


    Yeah... so I was trying to find a good program... something, to make a human version of TrailBlazer. I found one that was... Okay... I am fine with it.
    (I am to lazy to draw!)
    So yeah... and if anypony knows of a good CAC program please let me know.
    (BTW golden knife... Bio knows.)

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My OC's (update) · 1:24am Sep 25th, 2013

So this Blog is where I will catalog all my OC's.

...Will be updates...

Lets get started.

II TrailBlazer II (Thanks to GrapeParfait for the pic)

Gender: Stallion
Race: Unicorn
Color: People say Gold, But I like to think its Tan, or a mix. Mane is Brown with Blue.
Eye color: Cyan mostly, Depends on his mood.
Cutie Mark: Something... blue.
Personality: Pretty crazy...
Background: Lives in Equestria, Los Pegasus, during the events of Nightmare Moon, Discord, Changlings, Crystal Empire etc.
Will accomplish anything in his path, if its reasonable. Is the president of Uni-Co. a company devoted to bettering Equestria, or is it?.
And has a sister... Everypony knows her... Dont think I need to put her in this column.


Gender: Mare
Race: Earth pony
Color: Silver coat, Black mane with pink highlights.
Eye color: light Pink
Cutie Mark: None (Supposed to be a cloud... fix it later)
Personality: Kinda shy and timid, likes new ponies. Ironic eh?
Background: She lives in Los Pegasus. As a filly, she always looked to the skies and
wished she could be up there with the pegasi. A mare can dream.
When she met Blazer, she told him about her dream, he made it come true
with the imitation wings he made for her. Now she can fly in the sky!

Sunflower Seed (Fav Snack!)

Gender: Mare
Race: Earth pony
Color: Pale yellow coat, Black and Yellow Mane. (Whiz)
Eye color: Orange
Cutie Mark: Sunflower Seed in front of David (Seed Brand Joke)
Personality: Uhh.... huh?
Background: Lives in Ponyvile, farms Sunflower Seeds and sells them, all kinds actually.

Diamond Drop (You win, Writer)

Gender: Mare
Race: Pegasus
Color: White coat, Blue and Ice Mane.
Eye color: Blue
Cutie Mark: Snow ball
Personality: Party, not like pinkie.
Background: Lives in Ponyvile, something about Diamond Drop...


Gender: Stallion
Race: Pegasus
Color: Cobalt coat and dark blue mane/tail
Eye color: Silver
Cutie Mark:
Personality: (Pending)
Background: (Pending)

Night Mist

Gender: Mare
Race: Bat pony
Color: Dark Grey coat, White Mane.
Eye color: Silver
Cutie Mark: N/A
Personality: (Pending)
Background: (Pending)

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Nice OC's, man...:twilightsmile:

Alicorn Dash- So that's what you look like! Very sexy indeed!:ajsmug:

I use to be in there somewhere...

1374595 Dash- Yes you!:twilightsmile: The hottest mare there!:yay:

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