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    Tfw you accidentally write an entire chapter in past tense when you've written everything else in present tense... siiigh. Time to edit.

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BIG UNDERTAKING · 8:06pm Sep 24th, 2013

I am going to try something I've only tried twice. Granted, that sounds not too bad - at least I've tried it before. BUT. This is a LOT bigger than you'd think. I'm going to attempt to write a Fan Fiction... NOT based on an RP. A random fic. I ALSO plan... :3 To make it get over 500 views. At least. That will be HUGE for me. Now, what will this fanfiction be about?

I plan to write a fanfiction merely... to write. I'm going to come up with some ideas here soon and just... write =w=. I love writing, and I hope very dearly to reach my goal - I don't even care if people like the story, so long as I enjoy it. You all are welcome to read it when I have it on here. XOXO, Arreis of Avalon~

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