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  • 418 weeks
    I hate life, but love living.

    Hey all 2 people who will read this. My internet got shut off for a while, so no activity, like i am ever even on this site :/ but I am in school and will not be writing as often so the next chapters will come soon, but may not come soon after that, sorry for the inconvenience but I hate life. Another note, I am now a furry, working on a fursuit right now which is cool, is anyone else a furry?

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  • 426 weeks
    I am back!

    Sorry followers and and story readers, life has been really bad for me and I am down in the dumps. I wont bore you with details but prepare for story updates and a new hilarious story. Feedback would be nice if you have any questions, PM me. laters

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  • 436 weeks
    For those who like new stuff.

    I will be coming out with a few new stories and at this moment (Friday May 10th 5:54 pacific time) I am almost finished with the next chapter of Love is magic.

    Aren't you excited! you should be because there will something for everyone! The stories will come as follows:
    Youtubers go to Equestria

    also People I know in real life get Forced to Equestria

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  • 437 weeks
    Today Is My Little Brother's Birthday.

    I got him an $80 game Dead Island: Riptide Rigor Mortis edition

    He Loves it, and he went to see Iron Man 3 and he will play it when he comes back can't wait!

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