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Old user info for archive and comparison purposes. Really old. Fuck only about 800 fics. That's, damn. · 3:32pm Sep 23rd, 2013

29 year old disabled vet who spends waaay to much time reading fics.

Well it's been a few weeks and lord I've actually had to start digging to find stories. But I've managed to add a few. Even after removing about 20 since they ended up being forgotten or cancelled. I hate when great stories are cancelled like Diamond of the Wasteland. But here you go:

Total count: 774 Fanfics.

117 One Shot Clop Fics (1-3 chapters at max)
139 Completed Mature Fics
146 Updating Mature Fics
145 Updating Regular Fics
135 Completed Regular Fics
36 Fallout Equestria Fics
56 In the Favorite's List.

I plan on gathering that favorite's list and making a
big fat blog post fairly soon so everyone can peruse.
But Compare that to the old collection:

Old Collection:
232 Completed Mature Fics
209 Updating Mature Fics
32 FO:E Fics
156 Completed Regular Fics
69 Updating Regular Fics

Total: 698 Fanfics

And yeah I've finished most of em.

Top Fics:
Trixie's Magic Bit series (A must read)
The Different Kind of Love Series
The Lunaverse Series
FO:E Starlight
FO:E Murky Number Seven
Man of War
Trickster Saga
Diaries of a Madman

These are just a few of the stories I follow closely, though there are about 60 different fanfics in my favorites collection.

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