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See if you can decipher this! · 10:08pm Sep 21st, 2013

I learned a bit of Latin from my Global History teacher, and here's what I decided to write about my girls:

Fide alta set,
Fides docet omme mendacium
Liberalitatem omnibus unam eligat
Adiuvat gratia firmis et infirmis
Ostendit risus vitae gaudia
Nullam glutine est vinculum

Use Google Translate if you need help!
School isn't that bad after all!

-Flora A.K.A Visuality

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Awesome! It's really sweet, though Google translate butchers it. :duck:

1365845 Thanks! No wonder I'm watching you!

Euge serve meus amicus. Ego probaverunt eam.

1366607 Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Utinam saepius te loqui?

1368842 Non video cur non potui. V possum loqui linguis. Haec omnia latine, germanice, italice, Gaelic / Hibernos facilisis at anglicus, excepto sermone. Verbis utar, quamvis hic fermentum eros.

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