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Busy day · 6:40pm Sep 21st, 2013

Today I had to go to a parade. I even had the choice to be in it, which I declined instantly. Yeah, it was fun and all, but why are they always so early in the freaking morning? Even though is was in the morning it was still hot as hell! I did clean house though, or in this case I cleaned street. I got lots of candy. I'm not really into sweets. I'll eat a few pieces here and there, but a couple hand fulls could hold me over for months. So I got all this candy that I'll probably end up throwing away.

After the parade my family and I were going to leave when this little chiwawa comes out of nowhere. So I have a hold of him checking for tags, there were none. My uncle checks around to see if it was anyone else's dog. I have a hold on his collar and try to get in a more comfortable position since I was on the ground. Once I do I try to go back to petting him and apparently I startled him or something because the little bastard bit me! Thank god it didn't break the skin. I still have hold on the thing when my uncle comes back over and says no one knows who's dog it is and to just let it go. I happily obliged. My uncle also told me that apparently it tried to bite someone else before choosing it's next victim, me.

After this I get to ride back to the house in my uncle's Miata. (car) It's only 1:30 p.m. and I still have to go to a festival later. Today is busy.

EDIT:Back from the festival. It was crowded and boring, but hey, I got a fried Twinkie (that I will never try again) and pizza. Plus, some of the music was decent.

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