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A long, long wait. · 2:45am Sep 18th, 2013

This blog is quite simple. I got myself internet installed in my desktop computer, finally! So writting and using goggle docs should come easier. Or actually possible.

By this very moment this blog was written my chapter two is done, so there's that. Only awaiting my editor that hasn’t raised from his almighty chair in the sky to come down to earth and edit it. So anyone that only cared to know about the stories status, and only that, can leave this blog as they wouldn't be missing much. Thanks for passing by to read this.

Still there? Oh, alright.

Want some tea? Or some water? I really don't have much to off-- Oh, you want to know why I am late after saying that I wouldn't be holding up for more than two weeks, right?

Don't lie to yourself that's why you're still here.

Alright, let me begin to remind which were the reasons that got me out of insertion of info or anything here.

First obvious one is that I wouldn't have personalized internet, and for that with this desktop computer it means no movement whatsoever and that ALL I had written was in goggle docs... or at least the updated version.

Second was the fact of why I didn't have internet to begin with which was moving to a house that had no roof in some places and needed construction over internet.

Third was the point that I had a job over the remodeling and building of the house and many other things to do outside that, which included editing in two stories in which I have much influence on and administrating a group about good HIE's.

What? Confused about the third? Ah, how I got to edit and not write? Oh, no sir, I did write, and edit, and draw and animated and voice acted and participated in groups, and skype'd and commented and made advance analysis of great projects I needed done and I played the pretend game of Bob the builder surely knowing that we couldn’t fix it.

So that's the problem; many things to do at a time, all as equally important on my side. So I used public computers to do things. And college computer to draw and communicate. College computers in which it’s ILEGAL to do so. Which I could be EXPELLED and FIRED from doing. Leaving info saying, drawdex logged in goggle docs and used study only programs to make images that are actually out was not a very good thing to do. So I wrote by hand.

So once things got calm I finally got the group in my recently finished home to find an internet service provider to sell our souls to. And from there I got this thing finally done from the physical world to the digital. Chapter two at least.

And I was told that my story's cover image hurt people's eyes so I wish for those that have read this far down to decide.


Or this?

There's a bright difference and something added and something changed.

I need to use one anyway as it seems that one important thing was lacking of it. Sorry for much confusion that I obviously made.

And if anyone wants to know which are the things that keep me busy...

The Good HIE list apparently can't move two days without having a problem that needs me there. The recent riff thing is a good example.

The Conversion Bureau - The other side of the Spectrum
This one I help in logic ideas and edit.

My little Crusade
Here I'm co-author. Help write, didn't came with the concept.

This was needed by someone that couldn't find a Luna Inquisitor. And it was relatedly easy, a whole day.

And now that those two stories have been recently updated I got the free time to finally give the final touches to my chapter and send it to my most savage editor to me murdered horribly. And as he does it, which he's taking his sweet ass time, I made this post to have people know that I'm not dead, just have many things to do at the same time. And because this is the only thing in between all that I LOVE to actually do, life said that writing this is by default the thing you do when free.

Thanks for reading.

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