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    A scheme for monetizing fanfiction website

    You want to read stories and you want to read good stories right?

    Look at patreon. They harvest lots of small amounts of money and gives it to creators. It makes money by taking a percentage.

    Fanfic is slightly different because it has a glut of creators. You cannot support all of them. In fact don't want to support most of them.

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    I'll be going to Bronycan on Saturday and Sunday. I seem to have committed an error in attending without ensuring I had people to meet there.

    Cons are a bit more like bars then I had expected.

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    The Campsite

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    The perfect honeymoon

    At last Shining Armor was alone with his beloved bride. He ran his eyes along her luxurious pink coat, her perfect figure, the bold wings that marked her Princesshood and at last lingered on her soft and kind eyes.

    Her lying eyes.

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The Coming of Celestia · 8:13am Sep 15th, 2013

In the beginning the Sun Council ruled the mountains.

In the land of equals, unicorns were more equal then most and the aged lords of the Council were more equal still.

But one day the sun raised on it's own. An investigation was launched.

Weeks passed and the sun still refused to obey. The scions of the Council determined that the sun had been stolen.

Heroes were found and sent to slay the mysterious monster and to reclaim the ancient treasure. The First Solar Crusade had begun.

Several battles were fought against the mysterious creature.

Two months after loosing control of the sun the Monastery of the Solar Council burned to the ground. Only a hoof full of reports were available. Terrified tales of a white unicorn that flew and breathed fire.

The Monastery was never rebuilt, the survivors of the Solar Council disbanded. The First Solar Crusade was over.

The unicorns struggled for a time. Slowly they lost prestige before the other breeds of pony. The now leaderless mountain fortresses of their kind grew poor and thin. Slowly they began to give in to fighting amongst themselves.

A short decade after the end of the First Solar Crusade the Second Solar Crusade was launched. Every last clan hold was scoured to find the unicorns to fill the armies.

Legions of hungry soldiers scoured the fertile valleys of the earth ponies searching for rumours of the sun thief.

Vast bribes were offered by the already desperately poor unicorns to the pegasi in their cloud city, that they might offer their help.

Years of searching passed before they finally found her.

Before the terrified filly they knelt. To her they offered a crown. With tears in their eyes they begged.

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Comments ( 2 )

Ooooh, nice.
Satisfying to see them humbled, yet willing (desperate, even) to try something better.

Is this a story hook?

A very interesting premise, I look forward to it if you write it. :pinkiehappy:

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