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  • 319 weeks
    Here's the thing...

    I didn't mean to abandon anything after I said I would come back, but I'm really, really busy right now. My sister's seven (almost eight) months pregnant with my niece and we're planning her baby shower right now for November, so that's one thing. Two, I'm working on a whole bunch of new story projects and I completely forgot about the website again, my bad. Three, I'm turning sixteen in two

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  • 342 weeks
    Yeesh, time flies by!

    I'm sooooooo sorry that I've been ignoring the site! I've been majorly busy with AP tests and the regents are coming up, along with the fact that my sophomore year is almost over and I'm going to become a junior in a few months. I'm especially sorry to TheColorNine (if he/she still goes by that name) for skipping out on our collab. I saw how much work you did, and I'm going to make it up to you.

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  • 381 weeks
    Oh wow...

    Hey guys, Flora here! I guess it's been a while since I've been here reading stories on FIMFiction. What has it been, almost seven months? Between working on regents and the end of the year report card grades, I just haven't had the time. Plus, my attention is elsewhere, since I became immersed in the anime world soon after I came back from Arlington. Now, I am a complete otaku and I guess 90% of

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  • 408 weeks
    GOOD NEWS!!!...for me...

    Okay, there's tons of good news I have to share with you all! First off, I got my report card on Friday, which says that my grade for the first semester is a 91! Awesome! On top of that, I just received my transcript today and it says I already have 8/13 total credits for ninth grade (it only takes 10 to be promoted to tenth grade (ironic isn't it?)). On top of that cake, I've been called away by

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  • 410 weeks
    School is a Virtue...NOT!

    You guys know how sometimes you have inspiration to write a fanfic but then you realize that you don't have the time or the energy to do it? Yeah, that's where I am. Stuck in a rut. The good news is that the first day of final exams are over! Whew, I thought I was gonna explode just at thought of failing the entire term. Next week, I have the entire WEEK off, so I have more time to actually do

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My weekend is ruined! · 5:50pm Sep 14th, 2013

Sorry I took so long! High school is killing me. But the pictures are gonna come soon, I promise! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've still got Geometry and Global History to do...

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Geometry yay! Global history...uhg... History was always painful to read through. Like slogging through the mire of human regrets all bundled up into one depressing tome of atrocities.:facehoof:

1350151 I'm glad someone thinks the same way. And guess what? On Monday, they said they were gonna change our schedules! ON THE SECOND WEEK OF SCHOOL?!

LoL, not to sound old and cynical, but that's government for you! After military and two other government jobs I have learned that most gov establishments couldn't logic themselves out of a bathroom stall without asking fifty people up the chain of command the exact procedures of how to wipe their asses...of course all procedures need to be delivered in triplicate, black ink, and signed by everybody and their dog...soo it'll take a while.

I once had a sergeant who ran a gas station. His job was simple, ration the gas according to charts. Once sections of the base reached their gas quota, they were cut off... Yet at the end of the month, the gas station had to have met it's exact quota of rationing gas. Which means if it didn't give out enough gas they would get less the next fiscal year. So, gov solution...get rid of it! They literally just start handing out the gas to whoever needs it. Come an get it, free gas! Whether it was those trucks that were lacking earlier in the month, or the captains daughter.

So in short nobody in the gov knows what they are doing, half of them are working to circumvent ridiculous rules and paperwork, cheating the system and working half the amount of time they clock for, or exploiting the system to leech as much of the extra money the gov drops on the floor as they can. The other half are hanging their heads legitimately waiting for retirement and partially hoping they get there without going postal on the previous group. All of them are in charge of your education...how does that make you feel? :twilightsmile:

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