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FORGOT TO MENTION · 4:41pm Sep 14th, 2013

OH, BY THE WAY. My birthday was yesterday. :3 I totally forgot. Thank you all those who sent me B-Day wishes, and all those who are still sending me stuff. :3 Shout out to my frieeeeeeeeends. XOXO Arreis Of Avalon

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I did not know. Today's the birthday of a friend of mine as well. This might be late, but, :pinkiegasp:

It's a panda... cake?

Happy birthday. :pinkiehappy:

1351005 Thanks very much for the birthday wish!~ ^^ I love pandas. SOOO cuddly x3 Also, I'm getting presents still, so yours isn't late in the least. Enjoy your day, and thanks once again!~ :pinkiehappy:

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