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I Am Not Dead! (And Other Things You Didn't Care to Know) · 4:06pm Sep 10th, 2013

Hello, all! I feel very much inactive on the whole pony scene, and while I'm sure you were all sitting around wondering where I was - .......right? You were, right? ......okay, then.... - I just haven't had a chance to post anything. Like. At all. I've barely even been online.

The reason for that is, well, I'm getting married in ELEVEN DAYS, and things have just been insane trying to get stuff done. Right now, we're in the final stages of prep. We still have to see about transportation to the wedding site to the reception area, and make the decorations.

I've never been more desperate to find colored sand in my life. Who expects to ask someone, "Hey, do you have colored sand?"

..I mean, aside from crazy people...

...okay, so yes, I'm a little crazy, but that doesn't mean I go around asking people for colored sand!!

...Well, yes, NOW would be he exception to that, but----MOVING ON!

Anyways, I write this on my blog because, as you may well know, my fiance is RatofDrawn (caution, the link is for a NSFW tumblr). We started talking via FIMfiction because of my story, Stuck. So, I guess I felt the need to share a bit of this insanity of wedding preps stuff with you guys, if you wanted to hear it. Oh, and also, we have a My Little Pony theme going in the reception. =D

Okay, okay, okay! So, we were wondering what to do about flowers - because, damn, they're expensive. Plus, we're not big on the whole "traditional" thing. So here's what we plan to do: We're going to have a bridal party table and four guest tables (it's a small wedding - only close family and friends were invited). The numbers worked out almost perfectly, because we're going to "number" each table with the names of the Mane 6 (one extra table will be for the guest book, then the cake table, not sure what we'll do with that), the head table being Applejack, of course. Each centerpiece will be a glass vase with different colored sand (see above craziness over sand) for the colors of the corresponding Mane 6 that the table is named after.

I'm going to make flowers to stick out of the sand - Poison joke. And in each of the jars, there will be a blindbag of the character, as though she were shrunk by the Poison Joke. (We'll warn the guests not to touch the flowers or something...) NO ONE WILL GET IT, AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!

Apple orchard/fall seem to be the main theme we've fallen on, and the place settings will be apples with name tags for each guest. There will be decorative maple leaves, decorative apples, hand made clouds, and an AppleDash cake topper...which, I should say now, RAT, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THE WHOLE "REPLACING DASH WITH RARITY" THING! (I will be SOOO mad).

Sooo, yeah. Really, there will be two people there who can appreciate the dorkiness of it all, but I kinda love it. I didn't think we'd get any MLP stuff in there. We were trying to be subtle. I don't think we accomplished that....We'll see. I still have to make half this stuff.

Oh!!! And I await for the custom made Rainbow Dash garter to be sent in the mail...

Ahem, in other news, the wedding set for anyone who donated to RatofDrawn's donation drive is now finished. Check it out ^_^

Okay, I have to get to work. Have a good day, and don't mind me if I post more insane wedding stuff before I get around to stories again.

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I was totally sitting around wondering where you were this morning :rainbowlaugh:

That's so exciting! Don't worry, every bride ever has had something like colored sand that they had to go around asking for like a crazy person. All you have to do is say to the sales person "Do you have colored sand? I'm getting married." You can actually replace colored sand with anything in this sentence, and no one will think you're crazy.

"Do you have rainbow striped hammers? I'm getting married."

"Do you have 30 lbs of canned peaches? I'm getting married."

"Do you have two boa constrictors? I'm getting married."

Trust me, people working in retail won't bat an eye.

As for the flowers, that sounds really cute! I got married this time of year (Sept 27th will be my five year anniversary.) and we went with mums. Mums everywhere. I even made my own bouquet out of mums. It was kind of fun!

Anyway, have fun, relax, and remember: No matter what happens, you're gonna be just as married afterwards.

Pictures. You can't describe something like that and not have pictures. At least of the flowers. Also, cake-topper shenanigans. :rainbowlaugh:

Glad to hear you're doing well, and good luck with wedding preparation.

Wishes of happiness for you two.

So because you aren't big on tradition, Applejack and Rainbow Dash don't have to worry about the wendigos? :twilightsmile:

See you there. (Now to get a plane ticket so that I can crash this party... :pinkiehappy:)

This is seriously the coolest-sounding wedding reception ever. And who cares if no one else understands it, that describes most of the shirts I wear. It just makes it more fun getting to explain it to everyone (unfortunately by that point "I'm getting married" will cease to be a valid excuse). :twilightsmile:

edit: and that garter is awesome too.

Now that is very exciting. I wish you two many years of happiness.

This is going to be the best wedding reception ever. I haven't heard of anyone doing something like this before. Please post pictures!
Also, have fun explaining to future friends and children how you met. :rainbowlaugh:
"It all started when I posted an online pornographic story about My Little Pony..."

I saw pictures from a cosplay wedding once... that was a little bit crazy. But, this reception sounds awesome... I kinda want to go.

As I started reading this, I was thinking "As long as there's a pony cake topper, everything will be perfect!" I'm really impressed by how much pony-theme you're actually putting into the wedding. It all sounds very cool!

Well, that there is certainly sum' good news! Happy well wishes from the River o' Miramichi to you fine folks!

1340471 >_< That made my day.
1340499 "Do you have dancing lobsters with tiny top hats? I'm getting married!"
1340557 Oh, yes, we both agreed we'll be posting pictures...Can't let a good pony theme go to waste!
1340585 I....er....what? Wendigos are a traditional wedding thing? Huh, never knew that. :pinkiecrazy:
1340791 I HAD to get that garter. And our wedding planner found it for us! (she's my friend and likes ponies, too ^_^)
1340819 FUTURE friends? Imagine what it's like explaining it NOW? "Err....uh....we....met on this art site." That's as far as we go with THAT part of the story. Makes for all KINDS of awkward.
1341021 There are times I really don't want to waste the nuances of pony on my friends and family, and kind of want to have a Brony wedding reception.
1341468 Heh, we BASED the wedding theme on the stray idea, "when we get married, we should use Applejack and Rainbow Dash as our cake toppers" "Yeah!!" I didn't think he was serious until we finalized the plans. Now I kind of wish we had gotten a custom made wedding AppleDash topper done.

1342221 ... Random question. Is the wedding dance going to be "Love is In Bloom"? Felt the need to ask.

1342223 We're planning to use that song for when we enter the reception area...although....Rat seems to think we're using the Imperial March for that....

....men -_-


The top of the cake saved in the freezer thing. Don't worry AJ we'll melt this ice.

1342228 Tell him that you got a second opinion from a guy (which I am). Use of the Imperial March isn't allowed unless there is somebody/pony in a Darth Vader mask and or full storm trooper get-up. :pinkiecrazy:

1342221 One of my favorite authors replied to my comment? :rainbowderp: My life is complete :fluttercry: Good luck with the wedding, sounds like it's gonna be awesome!:pinkiehappy:

1342230 Oh! Haha, no, wouldn't save that anyways. We don't have room in our freezer even if we HAD a multi-tiered cake to do that with.

1342244 He said he would wear a full storm trooper suit, now. WHY DID YOU GIVE HIM THE IDEA!!! *glare*

1342258 AND she replied to your comment separately, giving it extra attention :yay:

Heh, I should only use this power for good...

1342590 :rainbowderp:*slowly shrinks back* I'm sorry... I was only trying to help. :fluttercry: (Did he really? Where would he get one?:rainbowhuh:)

1342664 I'm sure you could find one for sale somewhere. I could just see his fundraising venture on his Tumblr: "Please buy some pornographic ponies so that I can dress like a stormtrooper." I'd support that cause.

1342590>>1343157 Sadly enough, I'd contribute to that cause too. But only if the Stormtrooper outfit is Applejack themed. (On account of the garter being RD themed)

1343465 At BronyCAN there was a guy wearing a Rainbow Dash themed scout trooper outfit. Which had an MP3 player built in, playing pony songs.

1343471 That rivals the Vinyl Scratch I saw that had a Bass Cannon that played music from an iPod at Fiesta Equestria. Not costume-wise though. Stormtrooper is a step above. I've seen a couple of Scottish stormtroopers at a Renaissance festival before though. Kilts and all.

1343509 That sounds awesome. My friend got a party cannon from some guy when he was at a con in Edmonton. Isn't this fandom great?

1343641 Wait, wait... GOT a party cannon? As in fires confetti? And yes, yes it is.

1343698 Yeah, from what I understand it's basically a pneumatic potato gun. There's something wrong with the valve though, so he's been bugging me to help him fix it (best as I can tell from what he's told me it's a simple piston valve, which I have a tiny bit of experience with).

But, umm, anyways, wedding! Yay! :yay:

Also, trying to explain how I came across PlayPony to some friends: Well, there's this author I follow on fimfiction.net, and she wrote a clop story, and this guy in Sweden drew a pornographic picture of it, so eventually the artist moved from Sweden to California to be with the artist, because they're getting married now, and the artist put up a blog post saying as much, which included a link to her fiance's NSFW pony tumblr, and on the tumblr page he had a link to this magazine his art was featured in, and there ya go. Now if only they would get their pay system sorted out so that I can buy a copy.


Also yay, ponypornfundraise for full stromtrooper wedding armor! I like the idea, but I think people would look strange at me. On the other hand, we do have My Little Pony figurines as cake topper and other decoration, so the jump from partial fandom-insanity to full blown fandom-insanity wouldn't be that big... Hmm!

1343743>>1343978 Heeheehee, when I first read that, I was all, "Wait, who is she talking abou---OOHH, right ^_^"
1343465 I would actually kind of like to see that happen, and who contributes what... ^_^ But, nah, too close to the wedding.

1343978 I'm sorry! And it's because they both start with 'S', so they're basically the same thing to us 'Mericans! You'll get used to it being in Merica yourself now. (Note: I'm in Canada. Which would explain the apologizing.) Seriously though, sorry. I actually tried checking which it was, but the comment I saw also got it wrong. >.>

But I just threw some money at you for your wedding. So you're not allowed to be angry. :raritywink:

1343978>>1343986 Orange cloak and a painted Darth Vader mask then?

Dawww! Thank you so much <3 And don't worry, I'm not really angry, it's just... interesting (and hella irritating) to experience how a lot of Americans get it wrong. I was in the post office a while ago, sending some letters to Switzerland, and the guy at the counter selected "Sweden" on his computer screen while scanning the first letter. Made me groan.

1344031 .....'Sto? What's worse is that I was reading it aloud to Rat and said, "Who calls me 'sto' " And he was all, "I'm going to call you that from now on." I would complain, but it's amusing hearing him say, "Yo" with his accent.

And just because you mentioned it, I had to take a look at the first comment. I'm smiling so much right now :pinkiehappy: And thank you =) I like our story, too :ajsmug: I didn't think other people would find it interesting :applejackunsure:

Smut power couple >_< And dammit, I am proud! If smut got me the love of my life :ajsmug:

Again, thank you ^_^

1344083 heeheehee, I forgot about that!! *laughing*

Don't get too stuck on your honeymoon... :ajsmug:


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