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If I'm not writing pone, I'm drawing pone. If I'm not drawing pone, I'm writing pone. This is my life now. Pone.

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About Dramatic Readings · 5:06am Sep 10th, 2013

With more and more people reading and enjoying Live by the Creed every day, I've been getting an increasing number of PMs requesting permission to do dramatic readings of it. Now, before I get too into it, let me just get this straight: I am humbled that people want to do such a thing. It's an honor that people think that my story is interesting enough to take the time out of their days to do this. That being the case, it does get rather tedious to answer multiple PMs with some variation of 'Yes, go ahead'. It gets even worse when someone sends me a PM and doesn't get a response until weeks after the fact because I'm too busy with school to check FimFiction. So, I figured I'd make this blog just to make one very clear statement:

If you or someone you know wants to do a dramatic reading of Live by the Creed, then by all means, make like Nike and just do it! I have absolutely no problem with anyone doing such a thing, as long as proper credit is given (Dropping me the link to it wouldn't hurt, either). There is no need to request my permission beforehand. If you want to do it, then go ahead and do it.

So... yeah. Not entirely certain if this makes me sound like a jerk, but I figured I'd just cut out the middle man since I don't really have much reason to say no to this kind of request. So, there you go. Go crazy.

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I would love to do one but my voice is one of those 'monotone/pessimistic/speech impediment' sort of deals. So particulary with female voices, even with vocal changes I can't do much to make them sound better.
I can do certain effects which make me sound like these characters as close as I possibly can (and they're pretty decent to be honest. Might just need some amp or something with my versions. I really need to figure out where I can upload those damn things)


So if you happen to have a crazy king character somewhere I'll definately do a piece for that one :trollestia:

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