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    Hey guys and gals!(do girls read clopfics?)

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Requests Open · 2:00am Apr 9th, 2012


Hey guys and gals!(do girls read clopfics?)

It's been quite a while since I could say this, but requests are open again! I have an idea for one more story, but beyond that, I'd like to turn to the readers for ideas. What do you peeps want to see?

Again, a few guidelines for what I will and will not write.

I will NOT write gore, vore, excessive violence, inflation, scat, watersports, necrophilia, or any extremely bizarre fetishes. Use your own mind to define bizarre, as I'm rather lenient.

Try not to make a request too simple, but not excessively complicated either.

Keep in mind I kind of suck at F/F, but I'd be willing to give it another go. M/M? You've got Ruxen for that, who is infinitely better than I will ever be. M/F, as you may know, is my most comfortable area.

Any requests should dictate the primary character(s) who you want to have featured, and any specific details about the actual story.

You can send me a PM, leave a comment below, or email me if you've got a request. Thanks everyone! Hugs and kisses.

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Comments ( 46 )

Hmm.... Have you done a Apple Dash? Or Vinyl x Octavia?

First! :trollestia:

Edit: Now, for a more real request, I would be interested in a Big Mac one with Twilight. Use the Smarty Pants doll as a conversation starter. Mayeb have Big Mac more well read then more would expect.

Rule 63'd Twilunestia. There you go, other Rainbows!

Something involving cheese...
What's left for Liquid? You've written damn near everything.
Excited nonetheless.

Blossomforth/ your pick.

SELF ISERT!!!!!! NAO!!!!!!!

hey! i got one thats been itchin at me for a while now...

Pinkie is spying on this OC in the showe alot, and he knows it. after a while, he decides to spy on her once (taste of her own medicine)
She immidiately knows he is watching and puts on a little show, enticing him. Then she blows his cover and they get at it in the shower. :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:

just an idea. :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

64008 Self Insert would be interesting... Hmm....

Nightmare Moon x Guard.

That is all.

Rarity X Spike X Twilight Sparkle. A three way!

*clears throat*
Luna X Guard(s).
Spikebloom (because why the fuck not)
Those are the main ones. I am sure whatever you do will be awesome.

One day I will write a self-insert troll/clopfic. It will be suitably splendid (and stupid)! :pinkiehappy:

Spitfire and an OC. Spitfire tries to boost his confidence (kind of like the one with Sunny)


But you have to admit it would be very interesting to go into the life of a one Liquid_Rainbows...

Plus... Most ships are very common now a days... You're lucky ewnough to be a well known author to get the early ones and pretty much shoot down everyone elses idea because of your fame. But I say you should do something WAY out of your comfort zone and see how well you can handle it... The only way to get better is to do things you don't like...

Now I'm not suggesting you doa Cupcakes remake but I am saying do something completely off the wall and become even more recognized than you already are...

I gaurentee that half of your regulars such as myself would love to see you pull something off that you think you can't do but you're just to big of a pussy to pull off... Now I bet you're insulted right now and I call that a good thing because it should be motivation enough to get off your lazy ass and do something worth while... Speaking of which...


Thanks for the consideration,

64017 Also, I edited my first comment after reading the rest of your blog. I saw suggestions commented and kept reading xD

If you could accalerate those plans, that'd be awesome. :twilightsmile:

Twilight x Luna
Fluttershy x Luna

I don't see how watersports qualifies as "extremely bizarre", but okay. I have a suggestion:
Discord × Applebloom! :pinkiecrazy:

Humanized Twilight x Normal Twilight.
Do eeeeeit

I actually greatly appreciate this comment. It's very motivating, although I'm not entirely sure what it's motivating me to do.

Okay here comes the ideas:
1. A Second person story involving some mares (I don't care which ones, but Twilight and the gang will be good) and choices you make will end with what mare you hook up with.
2. Twilight X Spike (or maybe Twi X OC X Spike)
3. Rose X OC (Just cause Rose is awesome.)
That's all I have for now.

how about day guard(M) x night guard(F) or day guard(F) x night guard(M)?

64044I have an ida for some unusual ass shit, Gilda X GCelestia, Gilda becomes a guard after friending Celestia and shit gets more intimate. FTW my friend'll flip if he sees me saying that.

64044 Its motivating you to get off your ass and make a self insert where we learn a little more about you... Nothing to personal... You are the writer after all but I would love to see you make something so far out of the box that it would eher A) Require a new type of tag B) Make you so damn uncomfortable that you are litterally shaking while trying to press the submit button C) Make Liquid_Rainbows a brony household name

Now if you have anymore question don't be a pussy and drop me a line... I have a shit load of ideas that I myself am to pussy to do...

And no nothing like a cupcakes or Sweet Apple Masscre... Not that hey are bad... Expertly written but there is definatly worse...

I find some strange satifaction by chewing your ass out...

Two quick things: I hate to shill, but I'd love it if you could read my story Avalon since it's a very conscious reflection of your style in The Show Goes On as well as A Night to Remember. It's incomplete right now. I tried in my story to do about the same thing that you did plot-ise (OC meets with girl of his dreams in a club) but I wanted to expand the emotional drama and emphasize more romance both before and after the, uh, 'consumnation'. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

Also: Thanks a lot for citing my Nightmare Date story as one of your favorite stories on your user page! That REALLY means a lot to me! :heart:

I'm not sure how much originality I can muster up, but I will be sure to try!

But if I can request anything:
1) Humans with ponies. It's an extreme fetish of mine, and I just love it. I've only tried it myself twice. Please think about it!

2) Roseluck, Gilda, and Nightmare Moon are three girls that stick out to me... they haven't been mentioned much in romances, especially m/f romances.

To be honest, I think that my own Nightmare Date story is the only single time I've seen Nightmare Moon romantically connected with a guy.

3) In terms of background, maybe play around with things and use more exotic locations? Like an island resort, a fancy beach vacation spot, a place atop a skyscraper, and so on? That would be sweet.

Thanks. I always love your stuff. :raritystarry:

Don't worry. I'm very close to finishing the story that has been eating my time for the past months (Project Horizons) and I'll be sure to read your stuff once I am!

Wow, that was a wonderful comment. I like the idea of new locations and those three characters can definitely use some love!

64066 Can't make something original?

Can't make something original?!


Now I know most of your clopfics usally end up about the same but for the love of Trollestia... Actually... I'm gonna set a challange for you... This is one of those you can't refuse type of shit...

Goal: Read a total estimated of 3 Million words
Guidelines: Must have a blog post update every day
Must meet the goal before starting a new fic
Must check to see what the fans think of the idea before going into major detail
If fans don't approve add another million words to your total and try again...
The voted idea must be a 2/3 majority of voters aprroving of he idea
IF the populace finds an idea to be "Generic" then you must restart!

Ideas on how to work it:
Throw out the ideas you find really generic... Then take a bit of this and a bit of that... Fit it together in any random order it doesn't matter... Look at the idea in a few different angles... Take out the ideas you think you could improve on... Make a rough copy and see if you like it... If you don't trash it and retry... ONCE YOU POST A BLOG ABOUT IT YOU CANNOT RESTART UNTIL YOU ADD ANOTHER MILLION WORDS!

If you pull this off... Well think for yourself...

The word count can come from any random set of fics... Just go out into the populace of fics and get some ideas...

Try to keep ideas way out of generic... If you can improve on an idea thats great but please add your spin on it and make it look like it wasn't someone elses idea...

Trust me this will improve your writing ability... On an older account this is how I came up with newer ideas... If you want to know what I mean just PM me...

Confidence boost... Big time... Just remember even if it's a terrible idea we will still back it to a degree...

As for the populace I will remain nuetral through the whole ordeal...

If you don't approve of this idea thats fine by me... But let me just say that I'll call you out for pussing out on a challange that I haven't offered in a long while...

I'm counting on you,

Oh, hey, but I did want to share two things with you right now... Dunno if you've seen the new illustration that I recently got:

sadpanda.us/images/850994-8FBRK9L.png (full image link)

Strawberry Dawn - x- Nightmare Moon paring in Nightmare Date => leads to =>


Princess Luna and her daughter Midnight Dawn in A Nightly Romance (full image link)

Oh dear merciful heavens, the cuteness! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Okay, now that I have your attention. In the foreseeable future, I will likely be doing something with Nightmare Moon, and possibly something else with Roseluck. I will definitely do something else with Spike, probably involving one or more of the Crusaders. Besides that, I want to do one or two second person stories, Twi x Spitfire if I find the time, and more stories involving interesting settings.

That self insert idea....I might do that as a joke, just because it sounds like fun.

Anyways, hope most of you are satisfied, and just know that if I didn't mention your idea here that doesn't mean I'm never going to do it!

That art is amazing! :pinkiegasp:

You lucky little bastard. :raritywink:

Glad you like it! :pinkiehappy:

I know your done with new requests, but if you could branch something off of my A Nightly Romance story and have that cute pink and blue alicorn princess girl, Midnight, paired with someone that would be sweet... You could incorporate that into your other requests that you're doing, that people have already mentioned in this thread (when they said 'OC-x-____'). That would be so cool. (Age-wise, I guess that would be a period about 15-ish years post the Friendship is Magic timeline).

So, you could have cougar Roseluck versus Midnight?

Adult Spike versus Midnight? (That would work great, actually, a grown up Spike with a Canterlot princess when he already is connected to royalty!)

Day Guard and/or Night Guard versus Midnight?

Human in Equestria versus Midnight? (That would be ironic, since the parent's "forbidden love" would lead to a similar type situation for her kid!)

And it goes on...

I'll keep that in mind! :raritywink:

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Let me say it again right now.



It must involve horses.
Oh wait, you said no werid or bizarre fetishes.... wait a second... :rainbowlaugh:
Anything cloppable will do.

Fuck you sleep,why do i need you then miss the chance to post here :facehoof:

Oh well ill post anyway just for lulz.

Mayor Mare story, dont know why people think shes old , Granny Smith is old for me, mayor mare just has gray mane and tail color.

Zecora x 2nd person human please.:yay:



Don't you see me everywhere already? Well, see you later then, I guess! :pinkiesmile:


Why must you have a problem with our love?


It's been there for a while and it's here to stay. :duck:

guilda X AJ X Rarity with a smatering of twimoonestia on the side:rainbowwild: sry 3ways always fun. especially with magic.:pinkiehappy:

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