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And Here We Have Another · 11:03pm Sep 7th, 2013

Hey look, it's another blog post. I made this one, first of all, to apologize to two guys I know over the internet, they'll know if they're reading this, for not being on Skype for so long. School freakin' sucks, so I have only a minimal amount of time to be on a computer, and even then it's late, maybe 7 or 8 at night, so yeah, sorry.

Another thing, since I might as make this applicable to the 8 or so followers I have, if you haven't yet, go read Diaries of a Madman. I started it because of the ridiculous length, but it's actually fantastically good. It's HiE, one of the few I'd actually recommend, really, and also has a pretty solid plot and excellent and consistent characterization. Warning though, the language is pretty vulgar and there's more sex scenes then you can shake a stick at; there's warning for those particular scenes though, and completely optional to read through, as they have little baring to the plot. Don't let any of that stop you though, go read this awesome fic, noaw.

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