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  • 410 weeks
    So, it's been 7 months...

    I'm gonna be honest and say that I've been keeping my distance from the fandom for much of this year. Not that it was intentional; much of my time has been spent working, with only one day of the week to myself. Another reason why my Fic is on a low priority is because I've all but lost the motivation of continuing it. My last chapter was obviously rushed and was practically written in one

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  • 440 weeks
    Getting back into the routine

    Now that my life is finally stabilizing itself, I return to continue my story. (Also to fix this past/present tense problem).
    I'm also going to keep trying to publish my stuff more frequently, but a little shorter than what I usually do, so I don't linger in the same place for too long. A mistake I learned that drained me of energy while writing Chapter seven.

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  • 453 weeks
    Finally some progress!

    And exactly one month later.... Finally finished with what I was working on and updated the picture for my fiction! Now with that out of the way I can now focus on continuing it!

    Oh, and I got this finished as well.

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  • 457 weeks
    Post Everfree Northwest report and future projects.

    I'm restored and ready for duty!

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  • 470 weeks
    We've not been given leave to doubt!

    I've returned to resume progress on my next installment after some RL stuff, and I promise you this one's going to be a doozy. If everything goes according to plan, I should have it ready in about 2 weeks, so be on your guard.

    *pic related*

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Only a couple more days · 11:52am Dec 1st, 2011

Chapter three is coming along fine. Just got a little side tracked with the CS:GO beta being released and all. Luckily I haven't been invited to Dota 2 yet, otherwise I'd be somewhere other than here. Yeah, I'm a huge Valve fan, been playing TF2 for years and I'm glad to see it get reinvigorated in recent times. Spend nearly all my game time in the ponyville server now days.

So yeah, back to my project. I hope to have it finished by Sunday-Monday time frame. If anyone would like to pre-read it, please let me know, I should have the rough draft done by Saturday night.

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