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Veil of Thoughts, now in mobile format! · 7:36pm Aug 31st, 2013

Hello everyone! I had a request from a reader for a mobile version of Veil of Thoughts (specifically for the Kindle). So, spent most of my morning in conversion land and fixing html to xhtml. So at long last present to you:

Veil of Thoughts for Kindle

Veil of Thoughts for Epub


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Comments ( 5 )

Doesn't Fimfiction automatically create .epub files?
Yeah, yeah it does. :rainbowhuh:

Images never work on fimfic's auto-epubs, though. Or is that just the .epub format?

Yes. images do not work. It is annoying sometimes (however there are no images in Veil however, as far as I remember). I think it is because ff epub does not contain images itself, only online links to them, so many readers (or at least coolreader in my nook) do not bother to download them.

Omg I can't believe you did that. :heart: Tell that reader of yours that there is an extension for calibre which can download entire fics and make them in epub, which in turn can be converted in mobi with calibre (using the kindle profile). I'm sorry to hear you had to go through all that for someone too lazy to research a bit, still the gesture is appreciated.

This took me less than a minute. Epub / Kindle / Paperwhite

1320213 Calibre also converts for nook too (all images, including the cover if you configure it so, are downloaded and work offline).

I did not find version for Android so it not very usable for me. Also I can always check images in browser on my nook, it is simply that reading ff epubs using reader app is much more convenient for me than reading in browser.
In my case I do not need PC to read at all - I browse site and download epubs using Opera mobile, read using coolreader - all operations on nook ;)
As to the images - well, may be they fix em sometimes in future. Cannot say that it is too important to me honestly.

But thanks for the link anyway :)

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