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Canon Gender Split · 2:57am Aug 31st, 2013

[1 hrs and 45 mins of work.]

Mares [counting fillies]: 488

Stallions[counting colts]: 264

[not counting Royal Guards[couldn't get an exact fix] [not counting Sombra]

Now I know that there are probably more mares and stallions than shown in My Little Ponies List of ponies, but if it has slipped their OCD picture grabbing and cataloging skills than it doesn't really matter. And as for those not shown. Well this is a perfect Controlled Sample.

So the split is at 264:488 [33:61 [Thank you too Enderstorm].

Which brings us to 1.85 Females per 1 Male. or conversely .54 Males per 1 Female. [Thank you notMurphy].

So Yay! Got an exact number as for where are all the Stallions. Well this shows that 264 males have indeed been shown and cataloged by the fandom. Which is pretty awesome.

I'm going to bed now. Math has slain me. I'll answer any comments tomorrow.

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Comments ( 25 )

Your numbers, they do strange things on the page :applejackconfused:


How do I fix it? It didn't do that in my rant blog :fluttercry:


That's 33:61.

I'm not good at ratios either. Which sucks because I have an exam coming up on Percentages and Ratios.

*sigh* Math... :ajbemused:

1318837 Hmm, may just be the extra code I was using, I turned off Tampermonkey and it stopped :facehoof:


I know math is my greatest enemy and yeah I got down to 33:61 on an online calculator. But for the love of me I can't break it down to 1:X.


*Gives Cookie* Well at least it's fixed :twilightsmile:.

But yeah 33:61 ... Do you know how to break that down to 1:X?

1318849 1318852 My calculator keeps giving me MATH ERRORs. So, I really don't have a goddamn clue.

33 / 61 == 1.84848484...


1 : 1.85 (M/F)

Or: 61 / 33 ~ 0.5409... so 1 :0.54 (F/M)

Okay so you've shown that the production of the show has generated 1.85 mares per stallion, not corrected for the royal guard [minor], or the social settings bias that the shows writers and producers use in producing a show with a high female target audience bias [potentially huge]. (These factors correct for an unknown value which is statistically undefined at this time, so we call it X)

So that leaves us with (1.85 - X) mares per stallion.

Basically you've got a population that has the gender dynamics of the former Confederate States of America, post American Civil War. In that instance roughly 30% of the viable male population had been killed leaving a bent gender ratio of roughly 1.45 females per surviving male.

I can't remember what even the reason for this was ... (and this is no place to rant about my abysmal choice in dinner company, or their choice of conversational topics)

But Kudos on your use of statistical methodology to back up your argument.

Which I am sure you'll remind me of later or something, just too tired to actually think right now.


Thank you. Although KrishnaKarnak should get the majority of the thanks. Since it was he who got me into looking at this more thoroughly.


Aah Christ, what have I done.

Good research, though! :raritystarry: While I disagree with what the numbers implicate (females overpopulate the males), the numbers themselves are closer than I realized. I can't fault your point based on the evidence, though!

(just remember that many female background ponies use designs from the mane six and had there been more prominent male characters we would thus see more male background ponies due to templates and etc sssh)


Thank you.

and actually the numbers make sense (both in that artist recycle designs to make things easier, and other reasons). But it's why I like the controlled data method of science. That and if we think about Wendigo attacks decimating the society. Horses are led by a female who determines what a herd does and when. And its a female show. It makes sense that there would be more females just to ensure that the species is furthered. Since more females means more chances for herd to further the species incase things go wrong.

Add in the fact that it's a female show, and it's actually surprising that it's as balanced [to a degree] that it is. That plus I've always seen more f/f ships than m/f so it doesn't seem that off to me with how few males show up in fics. Although it does bring up interesting socioeconomically questions and how relationships are viewed in Equestria [minus the stuff Hasbro has to say on the show to prevent them loosing targeted demographics, and running afoul of conservatives].

But still 1.86 to 1 is actually a rather nice number. Only slightly higher than confederacy during post american civil war [thank you Sir Burton for that historical fact]. So it's not like it wouldn't have earthly historical precedence.

Again. Thank you for the comment and the compliment. You really are an awesome person.

The fact you did this (using resources from other fans) just shows how OCD the fandom really is. Still, this is kind of awesome.


Thank you, and the funny thing is I actually have been diagnosed with OCD.

Holy crap that's a lot of numbers....I hate math but good counting on this


Thanks, I knew if I was to counter people talking about canon. I had to do the thing I hated most [math] to do it. So I whipped out a calculator and counted every pony on the show.

Ah yeah, that's probably why you have such a low ratio. When I approximated my ratio I only counted adults in the show. The wiki shows comics, and those tend to have a much lower ratio. Plus males are really common in school, balancing out the ratio, at least there. (the amount of times I wrote "ratio" is awkwardly high)


Honestly I did that before they started adding the comics. I only did the ones in the show XD. But yeah I counted fillies and colts, and the adults shown are really high in the females shown, at least in the foreground. Background, you really have to look for them XD.

2774669 Yeah, there's like 4-5 canon secondary character males. I haven't really ever taken a look at a background.


Yep pretty close. I mean males with any speaking lines in the show. You have:

Spike; BM; Shining Armor; Blue Blood; Jet Crest? Or Upper Crust? I can't tell hose snooty unicorns apart; Snowflake (I refuse to say Bulky Biceps. They sort of named him in Hurricane Flutershy but honestly it was hard to make out. But BB's an atrocity to names); So that's 5. Then you have Thunderlane; Snips and Snails; the "metrosexual" Sea Dragon; Soarin; and Sombra ... oh and all the dragons shown are male ... not sure about Crackle *shudders*. So that's at least 10 ponies and a horde of dragons.

What. The.

What? I had the free time to look at every foreground, background, and fan named pony. And tally how many times each gender popped up.

Mostly because I was pissed at RealityCheck for being a mysogynistic, petty asshole. And partially because I wondered how many females to males there were after dealing with said assholery.

Turns out, well within norms (at least when looking at the human world as a whole). And nowhere near as one sided as with Griffons or Dragons.

4991550 That's. A lot of free time.

Yep. I think all of that took me about 4 hrs altogether.

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