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Derp! Hi again, everypony! · 3:03am Aug 30th, 2013

Hallo you crazy wonderful bronies and pegasisters, you! ^u^ I've been goooooooood~ I start school on Tuesday and I'm meh about it.


Luckily I'm homeschooled so I can hang out here. .u. How've you guys been? Enjoyed your Summer, hm? ^^

AHEM, ANYWAY... Today I was called a sweetie pie, a jerk, a jackass, a magnificent bastard, and a cutie.

And now I’m wondering which of those I really am. XD So, um, just….tell me what you think I am. And maybe a little desc. of why you think I'm *that* person I am. Er, you SAY I am.

Did any of you see those Derpy and Rainbow Dash scarfs on WeLoveFine? Totally getting Derpy. And maybe Dash for my aunt because she's a Pegasister.

And I haven’t completely abandoned Protecting Love, guys. I’m writing two other fanfics at the moment and proofreading for yet another so…whaddiagunnado. And

Ooh! And I also saw Equestria Girls! I’m all riled up for season four! BRING IT ON!

This is a very scattered journal. So much to say so little time...y'know? Ah well. Bai bai for now I guess~!

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Comments ( 7 )

your totally the most amazingly awesome adorable sweetest girl I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart::pinkiehappy::heart:

:raritystarry: AWWW! Really? That's sooooo sweet, thank you! And you're one of the most awesomest guys I know and you're above and beyond a great friend! *hugs*

Oh, oh, and I'm almost done prooofreading! It'l be done by tomorrow evening at latest~ I'll PM you on here, kay?:rainbowwild:

aye aye Capitan!!!:moustache: ive been working on how the story will go and im pretty sure wacky hijinks will ensue :pinkiehappy:

I'd think your a magnificent bastard..... You write the sweetest stories that I've read more than once, and basiclly the only internet person i talk to every day, and over a year we've talked about the randomest things, like that one time when we said that SoarinDash clopfics are hot, and the smell of gasoline smells good... I'd think your one of my closest friend, considering that your the only friend I have on the internet. Why someone would call you a jerk or a jackass? Still enjoying my late summer vacation... And maybe u should study with SmartyPants, hmm? :)))

I think you're a sweetie pie because you remind me of a friend I have IRL, except that while she is a brony... she's only interested in the show now since she exposed herself to the .MOV series and now hates the fandom. Either way still, you remind me a lot of except that one aspects. And she's a real sweetie pie.

Also I wouldn't think too much of Magnificent bastard... Just think of it as someone just yelling that because" You magnificent bastard... I read you BOOK!!!" God that joke never gets old.

Finally! Someone else who is homeschooled!

Ah~ Almost died of da'ww right there. THANK YOU! *hugs* You'we an awesome fwend of mine twooo!:heart:

And I was called a jerk and jackass because my dad...well...let's say he doesn't appreciate my antics. Lol

I love that one too. XD And thanks~!:rainbowkiss:

:coolphoto: Dude. You are too? Neato!

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