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Spitfire confirmed in real life · 8:26am Aug 22nd, 2013

12:30 - 14:00 Spitfire

Hah, got you there didn't I? Of course it isn't the Spitfire you're thinking of. In fact, hardtechno isn't really my thing, so I was totally at another area:
Chilling at Euphoria.

The next DJ started out a bit slow, and I needed a drink anyway, so I headed out to the nearby Loudness:
People are taking it nice and easy. After all, at this point there's still over 10 hours of party left, so we need to preserve energy for later on during the day.

After a while, I headed back to Euphoria and walked right into this:
If the camera would have gone a tiny bit to the left, I would have been in the video as well.

The great thing about Decibel is choice. When the tent gets too crowded, you just go to another area:
Remember is always great. It's never busy. This year they also put the volume way over what I think is legal. I was happy with my earplugs there.

I promised myself to only go to Jimmy the Sound and later on in the evening, Vortex. I ended up spending the rest of the day there. Time flew by, and before I knew it, it was time for the closing act already:
I don't really care about the fancy lasershow and fireworks at the Mainstage. Nothing like jumping all through the tent, together with a few dozen other people who are doing the exact same. It was madness.

And then it was over already. For once I was able to actually find the coach back, though due to properly planned road works it was almost 4AM before I was finally home. For comparison, the party itself ended at 23PM. Does it matter? No. I had a great time there, and am definitely going again next year.

I've been at Decibel four times now, and each time was better than the previous. Great people, great music, great everything. Well, except the year-long wait for it, but that's totally worth it. Have a floorplan.

13 stages with over 140 DJ's.

tl;dr had an awesome day.

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Comments ( 2 )

Damnit man! I thought you made an "X in real life" video.

Ha! But yeah, I was walking past one of the timetables, and suddenly saw Spitfire on there. My first reaction was quite literally 'wut ponies omg'. I actually looked him up on a Dutch party website, he's a quite new artist.

I would say I feel bad for all you people not living in Europe, but I saw a bunch of Austrian coaches while there, and there's always a bunch of people from Australia as well. Kinda like how people from all over the world go to BronyCon, but with less ponies.

Also bait-and-switch blog titles :trollestia: Actually it's not really trolling. That would be making sure the thumbnail of the video is with Spitfire but for the rest it's something different.

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