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Views · 6:41am Aug 15th, 2013

SO. I JUST REALIZED. My story, Puppeteers Creation, has just hit 130 views.

... Ho. Ly. Heck. O_O. I've NEVER had ANYONE read my stories before FiMfiction, and now I've had over a total of 400 in all! O,O. Seriously, you all are amazing.
SO. What is the best way to celebrate? Well, that's easy. THAT'S RIGHT. ^^ ANOTHER ONE.
Got the idea from a drawing I made to make a BRAND SPANKING NEW FIC. What's that, you're working on 3 others already? Pfffff. Shut up. I can't pace myself. SO. I WILL BE WORKING SOON ON THE NEWEST FAN FICTION...
The Lonely God~ ;)

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