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A rock in the way. · 4:11am Aug 14th, 2013

Welp, this was quick.

I can't continue updating or participating in anything for a while. My excuse? I moved.

Now to make it better to understand, when I say moved, I mean actually packed my bags, found a new home and moved. But there's things one needs to get once one has arrived to said new home. And that thing is what involves this post. An internet connection.

Changing homes has cracked my possibilities to do anything on the web for a while. And much less do anything else off the web since I need to deal with everything involving it. Did I mentioned that I moved to a place full of people?

To be clear, my family. And to be clearer my family's GENERATION.

Living alone has its advantages, but when your family generation that you've known since you could speak says that they are going to live all together in a cramped home and enjoy the privileges of not having to pay full rent. These are the same guys that you went çamping' when a kid. You take that thing at full swing.

And also if you can't afford your old home anymore.

I got more reasons as to why I moved, but they're too boring and uninteresting. No person here would be interested to hear it. It involves a lot of yelling, tests with live subjects, many people losing their lives, me almost losing my job and a cute husky puppy named Luna which is now my pet.

No I did not name her.

Yeah I like it too.

But to the point.

From two days to two weeks I'll have issues that will ensure my non-connectivity for a while. Effected immediately. I'm already in the new place.

Writing this from the worst internet connection ever conceived... in a phone... that's not mine.

I can't even place an image to make this post actually interesting.

I'm lucky this was posted.

IF this was posted.

Sorry for the inconveniences for those that wanted the update on my story early. Those that I pre-read, those that I edit, those that I'm a co-author for and those of the good HIE list.

The only good thing that will come of this is a image of 'me' being frustrated by not being able to write something especific for someone especific.

That person knows who she or he is.

And maybe an update. As I said, a LOT needs to be done, this house is in BAD condition.

There's no roof in some places.

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Byyyye Drawdex, Trixie will miss you.

I may have only just got here, but I do hope things pan out for you!

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