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  • 362 weeks
    Ok. I'm back for real.

    I know I "returned" before but I really didn't do anything. I just haven't had the drive to right anything. I've been focusing on my YouTube channel. But now I actually feel like writing again. The quality may not be up to snuff but still good to try again. Now that's it is summer I have a lot more free time and less school to worry about. So I'm happy to make my return and write some weird

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  • 374 weeks
    I made a video and I'm going to leave a link if any one cares


    It's a Let's Play of Kirby 64 if anyone is interested.

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  • 419 weeks
    I'm back~

    Hello everypony! I have returned! Sorry for the break, there was just a lot going on in my life and I just wasn't feeling it anymore. But I'm back now! And ready to be a part of this wonderful community again!

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  • 444 weeks
    I'm leaving

    So it's been fun and all, but I'm leaving FimFiction. I have lost all drive to write stories about MLP. I will however continue to write on my wattpad account, BlueFireHearts. If you still want to read work by me, then head over to that. If you don't mind them not being about technicolored horses. So... I thank you all. This is really where I

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  • 454 weeks

    I have an account.

    Here it is

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Pray for him. · 5:53am Aug 13th, 2013

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