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Searching for a prereader · 3:01am Aug 12th, 2013

Okay, so... Every time I send a story in for editing, I get the same response. My descriptions aren't descriptive enough. I don't know how to fix this, because it all makes sense in my head, and I don't know what it is I'm not describing, so I'm basically looking for a dedicated prereader. Somepony I can send all my writing to who can look over it an try to describe to me what they think is happening. Maybe ask questions they'd like to know about different scenes or events so as to help me fill in the gaps. Anypony interested?

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can you give a general synopsis of the story(ies)? I've signed onto prereading/editing jobs before without knowing what I was getting into...if you don't enjoy what you're editing, it quickly becomes hell in text :derpytongue2:


I could give it a look-see, if you like. However, as they say, first come first serve. If Web down there decides against it, you'll know how to find me.

That's an excellent point. I'm taking a break from writing for a bit, but when I return I'll be writing a dark themed story about... well, it's just a general slice of life with dark sprinkled in. Here's the synopsis for the story I'll be working on when I get back.

What was back there that Apple Bloom didn't want her to see? Why was the old building abandoned? While chasing after a mischievous thieving phoenix, a young filly uncovers one of the most horrible and tragic blunders ever to happen to a citizen of Ponyville. As her mother and friends try to cover up their past, Ink Blot will learn that some jokes are not funny at all.

Hmmm...sounds neat, sign me up! :twilightsmile:
When you're back and ready, that is.

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