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I am a budding electronic music producer who's trying his hand-erm-hoof at writing. I use ClubCreate, FLStudio 11, and play the piano and ukulele. check my channel for Let's Plays and Music and stuff.

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  • 472 weeks

    I did not know that people still found my stuff. :I

    Anyway, if any of you have the time, go check my Soundcloud; I just posted a preview to a WIP and I'm pretty happy about it.

    Stay crunchy~


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  • 479 weeks
    New Video! My original music, if anyone still checks this

    Hello, hello~

    Guess what? I'm not dead!


    I also have a new video. Go check it out.

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  • 486 weeks

    So many ideas.

    Not enough time.

    Not enough ways to write, either.

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  • 487 weeks
    Awwwww yeaaaaaaah. Music Time.

    I have a new song out called Orbit. It's Progressive House.


    Go watch it and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. Or not. I'm not gonna force you to do it.

    If you want to use this song in anything, PM or email me first asking for permission.

    For the crown,

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  • 487 weeks
    Stuff Happening

    So, A lot of you write stuff, but I do it as a side thing.

    What I really do is music, and I recently haven't been able to sit down at my laptop on FLStudio.

    Sad for me.

    But I'm working my ass off every time I get the chance to, because I'm making a new song and I think that it's going to turn out well.

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New Story: Reach For Me · 11:52pm Aug 10th, 2013

Sup, guys.

So, yeah. New story. I'm blogging to promote it and try to get it more views.
If you have the time, go ahead and do me a favor, and look at it, if you haven't already, please.

I'd like some feedback on this and my other fics, so if you liked them or not, say something in the comments.

Other than that, I'm going to my uncle, DJ MOD's house today.

Yesterday was EXTREMELY hot in the Philippines, but supposedly, it rained overnight, so it should be cooler.

If you have any questions, even personal questions, PM me and I will answer to the best of my ability.
If you're a redditor, think of this as an AMA type of thing.

Thanks to my followers:

Music and Stuff Productions.

Here. Have a Free Cry.

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