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  • 455 weeks
    What if God Were One of Us--New Author Continuing

    I posted a little while ago that I was cancelling some of my stories.
    A new author, chaos2012, has offered to take over What If God Were One of Us (Celestia becomes an Earth Pony)
    I'll post a link to the new version off of my original tale. Thank you, Celestia and Luna bless,

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  • 457 weeks
    Hiatuses and Cancellizations

    Dear readers,

    Read More

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  • 485 weeks
    Catalyst of Time Updated (Finally), New Stories, and more

    Hello readers!

    The story Catalyst in Time has finally been updated. I'm on Chapter 10 and the adventure took yet another turn! O.O
    Thanks for your patience.

    I have a couple more stories that will be released soon (hopefully), including Celestia as an earth pony, a Powerpuff Girls crossover (maybe), and definitely parts of "A Canterlot Wedding" from the real Cadence's pov.

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  • 509 weeks
    New Chapter of Broken!

    Hey guys!
    Released a new chapter of Broken.
    It is a very short chapter, but I felt like the ending point was too good of an ending point. Enjoy!

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  • 520 weeks
    Good News!!!

    New Chapter of Catalyst is incoming. I have a few minor details to finish and I need my netbook (which is not currently with me). But it's coming.

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Hiatuses and Cancellizations · 1:40pm Aug 10th, 2013

Dear readers,
I am very rarely on here anymore, and I haven't looked at any of my stories in what feels like years (months in actuality). My life is at a stable point, I have my own place, a job (about to be two) that I like, a wonderful relationship, and I'll be returning to school in about a week, which leaves me next to no time to write MLP fanfiction. I've deleted or cancelled all but two of my stories, and put Broken and Catalyst in Time on hiatus.
I apologize and hope you will all continue to enjoy my completed stories and maybe I'll return to Catalyst and Broken eventually.
I wish you all the best,

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