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    Sequel to Absentia: Revocare

    After the events in the Factory, and the countless years in Canterlot Mental Hospital, Rainbow Dash is finally ready. It's time to set them free.

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    I Am His Queen, Chapter 11: Support

    With the Queen on the brink, groups of ponies and changelings alike meet, gather, and plan. Tensions are high. And everyone has a fire inside.

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    Writing Is Fun

    Tfw you accidentally write an entire chapter in past tense when you've written everything else in present tense... siiigh. Time to edit.

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    Absentia, Epilogue (COMPLETED)

    What happens now?

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    Lilacs, Chapter 2: A Thousand Years of Burning (Completed)

    A thousand years after the incident with the potions, Celestia visits an old friend with her sister, and a process begins. It will be slow - but, perhaps, together... Perhaps they can rebuild. It all starts with a familiar scent.

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UPDATES · 11:21pm Aug 7th, 2013

HEY EVERYONE! 8D So, a few of you remember how I seemed to get bit by a spider, hopefully. Well, nope. Turns out, I'm allergic (maybe) to blackberries. yaaaay. SO. I'm hyped up on meds for the next few weeks. Yippie Ky Yay. I'm still a bit bumpy (apparently the bumps are called hives. Huh.), but the swelling is gone. Still itchy, though. VERY itchy. Also, tomorrow is a big day. 1. Posting a brand spanking new fan fic. Birthday gift for a friend, yada yada, told you all this. 5 chapters full so far~ 2. The day I pack for my Vacation. That's right, VACAY BABY. OwO Full week of beach time for Arreis. I'll see if I can update at all, by internet connection for the week may be a bit dead. ^^; In any case, I want to keep you all updated so you know I didn't die. Welp, that's really it for me now. ^^ Hope you all have a nice week if I can't contact you. Peace out~
- Arreis of Avalon

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