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Bronycon! · 10:13pm Aug 7th, 2013

Yes, a blog post about my Bronycon experience! And also a test to find out exactly who gets notified of these blogs being posted. Not really sure how that works.

Aaaaanywho, it was pretty fuckin' fun overall. Despite bouts of nausea, I had a hell of a time there. The panels were decently fun, the vendor hall was pretty cool as well (even though I only ended up buying gifts for others), and there were some pretty badass cosplays there. Including mine! I was stopped on average every 3-5 minutes for someone to take my picture.....and despite that, I've only found 3 or 4 pictures of myself online so far. What's taking these people so long?!

I also seemed to be the only Hoity Toity there, though there were three Photo Finishes, and a Blueblood. So I wasn't completely alone in the "Canterlot Elite" photoshoot!

Here's a couple of the photos of myself that I've managed to find so far: http://imgur.com/a/3RjNv

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Comments ( 5 )

Huh. Nice suit.

Your costume of yours looks nice.

Very nice costume!

That was you!? Ah holy crap! I was at Bronycon too and i saw you while walking around the vendors! I knew i should have approached you but I was so caught up in browsing the stalls i just kept walking. Crap! I doubt you saw me there, i was not in any sort of cosplay so it isn't like i stood out at all. Oh well, glad you had a good time cause i know i did! :heart:

I don't know if I can complain that there was only one Hoity Toity there. All the Photo Finishes sort of made up for it :P

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