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A start. · 1:52am Aug 7th, 2013

Well, my initial fears of joining this site has come to pass.

I hate the spotlight.

I have tried my hand in writing.

Which must be at least as bad as all those that I have read about and seen before. I really hope not.

So well, the story is thought out, the draft is in process and I'm almost ready to start the story giving the first chapter to the world, so as I do that I'll place the description of said story here to alent those that have been following me now for some reason.

And those that are here to amuse themselves.

This is the description.

Theories, theories, theories...

There are many human theories of how our world could end by our own hands.

Simple human all-out war, mad men that just wanted to see the world burn succeeded, technology going past what we humans could handle, ignorants becoming scientists, a person claims himself to be savior of humankind and declares to those that believe in him to eliminate those that do not, and even the destruction of human free will.

I’m here to tell how all of them came true.

There's... a strange twist to it.
Secrets, secrets everywhere I look.

Being a studious professor of the Griffdom gives you a clean perspective of everything you see and hear about history, we are the only ones that don’t hide anything about us. But after one mighty journey to death, the secrets that I’ve unlocked could rearrange everything any griffin has ever done to an ugly chain of lies that go on forever.

Hate, politics, secrets and more hate.

I will free us from the evil of those who came before.

Which are still here.
Responsibilities, so many responsibilities.

I was prepared for this; I was hoof-picked by Celestia herself to be a ruler.

I studied about everything, especially the magic of friendship, but now I have ‘graduated’, ascended to the title of royalty, so many things are happening at the same time, and with my new duty, I’m not going to let Equestria down.

Even if many deserve it.

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Comments ( 32 )

Cant wait to rip your story a new one.:pinkiehappy:

25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lt3cwzIDoU1qipyqco1_500.gif .

But seriously You will do well.

I wish you the best of luck.


Don't scare me.:fluttershyouch:

Thanks, I'll try to fulfil that like.

Thanks, I wish so too. But the world isn't made by wishes. But effort.:rainbowdetermined2:

1267584 Okey then, scratch that.
If you don't do your best i'll eat your feet whilst you sleep.
Ask Stargazer, he still dosen't seem to understand where the fresh wound is from.

Hmm seems interesting. ^^ Can't wait to see it up on the site.


Thankyou for your insight in how to act, I'll really keep in mind, thanks for the comment. I've always seen the stories and reviewed them, but never written anything. I hope having a planned story gives more insight.

Thank you really.:twilightsmile:

Awesome sounding story, question, will this be HiE? It seems the first part has the most infer-able information, sounds like whatever humans did somehow brought about equestria, maybe a bit of Conversion Bureau. The next two just tell us we have Twilicorn and a Griffon finding some horrible truth. Anyways, can't wait, bet you will do awesome.

Encourage....... hmmmm....... The beatings shall commence until mortality improves.

1267679 Hope it will be an augmented human, maybe even a Sufficiently Advanced one, sense it sounds like it takes place a bit in the future, and I am all go for trans-humanism. That and vanilla humans in equestria tend to be more boring than their powered variants, because unless he's batman he will have a hard time surviving challenges there.


Stop spoiling my story!:fluttershyouch:

1267725 Well sorry, it's not my fault great minds think alike, only I would be a horrible writer, I get great Ideas, but get caught up with the details, that and a horribly short attention span, currently reading 5 different stories, not even counting the ones I'm waiting for updates on.

Best of luck! Just keep in mind not to rush things and all will go great! :ajsmug:


Well, this sounds interesting. Hopefully I will have time to read it whenever it comes out.

Not bad, not really my cup of tea though. The first one, maybe. I'd probably add it to my possible favorites list.
One last thing

There's... strange twist to it.

Should be

There's a... strange twist to it.


Damn, it seems it got deleted :applejackunsure:, tell me if you find any other of those, the format I use to pass is not trusting enough. And thanks for the support.:twilightsmile:

Which must be at least have as bad as all those

at least have as bad


Totes supporting.


Sorry about that, got very confused myself as I wrote.:applejackunsure: I'll fix that for ya.:ajsmug:


1267909 Yes...this pleases the OCD...

Well I can't wait for the world burning part. I love to watch the world burn. Especially a traditional grass fire.(They are kind of tradition in Latvia, where I live).
:pinkiecrazy: Lets see the world burn!!!


Are you looking at my computer, HOW DO YOU KNOW MY SPECIAL SCENE!

1268024 I work in IT department, of course I can see your files. Also you might want to reduce the amount of description of how cool your protagonist is, show it taught actions more, otherwise it will get boring fast.:trollestia:
Also the royalty plot line? I am not really a fan.
Anyhow good luck writing and try your best, I be watching you :pinkiecrazy: .


I feel real lucky that I don't have any of those. Thanks for the support.:pinkiehappy:

Will do, good luck and no problem!



JESUS CHRIST A BLUE LLAMA!:applejackconfused:


Strolling through random blogs, got a link in Stargazers blog, took one look at the comments in this, and made a funny. Now to the meaty meat of these meaty Plots. Not sure about dat royalty Plot, but the other two, Im interested.

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