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  • 415 weeks
    A Lil' Update

    Alright, so I disappeared for a while right after saying that we were going to have a discussion about something. Yeah, sounds like me. First off, sorry about that. Been busy with a second job that's been kinda on and off for the past couple of weeks. That and I've finally started watching Walking Dead and some other amazing shows. Come on, how much can you really blame me for that? A lot? Oh.

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    Here's a Title for You!

    Alright chuckleheads, listen up. Tonight we're gonna talk about something you people have been asking me about since friggen' TITW started. It's a question that I as a gunsmith find to be completely not worth asking because its so stupid, but then again not everyone shares my profession.

    ... It's still a dumb idea but we'll get to that.

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    COTW 19 Preview

    Okay, maybe there's still some confusion going on here, so here's something to start this off for the people that didn't browse the comments of the last post. Yes, I am going to finish COTW, with two large chapters over the course of the next two months (hopefully). But since I dunno when the first half of the finale will come out, I'm offering the first scene of chapter 19 for those of you that

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  • 420 weeks
    Guess What

    You know, I was fairly certain my watchers would all disappear in the wake of the last post, but it seems you guys are a little more tenacious than that. Welp, that's a good trait to have.

    Sometimes life knocks on our door with promises of opportunity, and sometimes life comes back to say, "Hey uh... Yeah that's actually gonna get postponed for a couple months... Yyyyeeeeeeaahhhhh..."


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  • 422 weeks

    First off, I wanna thank all you guys that took the time to put your two cents in over the matter of the last post. Honestly, I had no idea so many people would be PMing me and showing such concern over COTW, of all stories. But then again, it's been going on for a while now, and people wanna know how it all ends. I completely understand that, and I also understand that I haven't been a very

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[News] Moving Again · 7:16pm Aug 4th, 2013

To those waiting for updates, I apologize, but I actually haven't had Internet for a while now (on my iPhone now), so I haven't been able to work on much as of recent that hasn't been in Microsoft Word. So this has affected my progress on my upcoming guides, as well as the work on Heroism (which will come back, I swear).

Also, the guide Ponies, Guns and You ended up covering a lot more than I predicted, so it's gonna be pretty long and extensive, with a few illustrations that are pretty much required to teach a few points of the guide.

So once this move is complete and I can get a new router up and running, I'll be able to get back on track. But for now all I can work on is COTW and Riflemare. Thankfully the latter will be able to update very frequently once it's out because of this.

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Good luck with the move! Take your time. :twilightsmile:

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