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    Tfw you accidentally write an entire chapter in past tense when you've written everything else in present tense... siiigh. Time to edit.

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Remember how I said I was feelin' fine and dandy? · 3:47pm Aug 3rd, 2013

-_- so, yeah. Turns out, I'm very allergic to spiders. Little sucker bit me, and now my hands have swollen to about double their size. You seriously have no idea how hard it is to type right now. SO. I dunno when I can post anything new, cause I can hardly type up this, much less a fic. It'll be a bit, guys. Sorry for all of the delays.

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I hope you get well soon. :pinkiesmile:

1259644 Thanks. Still trying to bend my fingers. It's slowly getting easier, and I can now bend 4 fingers fully. :twilightsmile:

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