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Anybody know what's up with DaemoN67? · 4:26am Aug 1st, 2013

Here's what I know:

• He wrote a blog saying he was going to kill himself.
• Apparently his mother made an account to tell people what happened, but "she's" done nothing so far (IIRC).
• His account was banned.
• The blog about him killing himself has been taken down from his page.

Does anybody know anything else? I never really knew the guy, but I'm still curious about some things, like, did he actually kill himself, or is this just another one of his troll things?

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Comments ( 6 )

I never knew much about DaemoN67 either, but I really am praying that whatever he said about killing himself isn't true. I hope he's okay....

i know as much as you, although this is the first i heard of his mother getting a account and his account getting banned. mind pointing it to me?

While i dont hope he killed himself, and I do hope he's alright, from what I heard hes a GIGANTIC FUCKING TROLL, so im not sure what to believe.

I knew him a little better than most, and I don't think he would joke about something like this man........I think he actually killed himself.....:fluttercry:


Unfortunately, I lost the link. Sorry about that, man.

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