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[Discussion] Creepiest Thing on the Internet · 4:17am Jul 31st, 2013

I haven't had a discussion post in a while, and you chuckleheads seem to enjoy these incredibly vague questions, so here we go!

I'll go ahead and preface this with the fact that I've been going back to my writing roots in my original, non-pony works, which tend to be incredibly dark in a... certain kinda way. That and a recent Vsauce video inspired me. If you haven't already subscribed to them, you're a big dumb dummy-butt that needs to stop being dumb and subscribe. You dumb.

ANYWAY, I'm one of those guys that loves a good creepy thing to scare the shit out of me directly before bed, so let's go ahead and keep that ball rolling tonight, too. S'not like I got work at 5:30am or anything, no sir. So go ahead and post what you find to be, not necessarily the scariest thing, but the creepiest thing you've ever seen on the internet. But do us all a favor and avoid things like smile.jpg or Slenderman or anything that we all already know about. Try for something a little more unknown, if you can. My choice may have quite a lot of views, but I can't for the life of me find a person I know that's seen it, regardless of the fact that Vsauce used it as an example and that channel has a MASSIVE following.

No. No I do not feel fantastic. Also, I know a certain coworker of mine is gonna read this, so if that certain someone makes a costume like that and jumps out of the closet when I walk into work tomorrow, that CERTAIN SOMEONE is getting a .357 Magnum right in the ding.

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Spongebob fanfiction. And that is the tame one.
This is the messed up shit right here.

1251086 Those aren't creepy. Those are just sick! :pinkiecrazy:

I think I might be one of VSauce's first subscribers. I remember back when they had more video game, nerdy, internet stuff.

Anyway, I would like to submit for creepy thing the creepiest fan fiction by one of my favorite authors from this very website. It's called Eight . You've been warned. :pinkiecrazy:

Kinda creepy but I know there are far darker things on the internet. The creepiest thing on the internet? Probably not this but I know that it took me a whole week to sleep normally again after reading it and I've seen some things man. Don't know how many people have seen this but here you go. Remember you asked for it. Oh and as always with this type of stuff not for the feint of heart. No seriously I don't want anyone having a heart attack because of this. Anyway here you go. The Russian Sleep Experiment

Hmmm... you said seen? Alright well, this one is pretty creepy.

Worst of all, that's supposed to sell the PS3...


But now just got back to whatever you were doing, and listen to this...

One of the creepiest things I've ever heard was a theory about comas. It was that someone in a coma would create a world just like the one that they left so they could go on with their life. The person in the coma doesn't know about their condition, and so can't escape. When the subconscious believes the person is ready to WAKE UP, it will try to leave them some kind of message somewhere. Unfortunately, they believe that they are in the real world so any message telling them to WAKE UP is overlooked. Meanwhile, life is passing them by. If only they would listen to the message and PLEASE WAKE UP.

I think that was a plot for a few Star Trek episodes. Guy in holodeck figures out he's only a construct.
Seriously, they should fix the stupid holodeck. Malfunctions too many damn times.

Also, Divebomb, are you almost done with that pony firearms thing?

Creepiest Thing on the Internet?
Bronies. Nuff said...

1251179 You know I'm having a rough morning when I continuously read the word coma as comma. I was really confused for a moment there XD

1251153 That sounds familiar, although I'm still kinda drawing a blank.

1251760 Oh. Yeah this motherfucker wins right here.

1251894 I spent days and says looking at SCP, usually into the very depths of the night. But that's because I was too fearful to return to sleep.

Start with the easy ones, read them all. They're not creepy, just curious... at first.

1252295 Thanks, that's quite the picture you've painted for me, buddy. I totally know what you're talking about now XD Now I have to not be lazy and look it up >.>

1252958 I'm fairly certain I've never upvoted a comment so quickly :D

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