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  • 163 weeks
    Thinking about writing a Story

    So I've be kicking this idea around for a while I have started one but who knows if I'll post it. The one I'm starting as of right is pirate Twilight sparkle

    Also the D&D thing never happen pissed about that.

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  • 233 weeks
    I'm getting back in to D&D

    I'm so excited to be playing again.

    My little sister is going to be setting up a game in the near future,
    the party already consists of

    * Tiefling Eldritch Knight (Me)
    * Human Totem Warrior Barbarian (My Cousin)
    * A two Bladed Ranger ( A Friend)
    * hopefully a Cleric/Paladin (My Brother)

    Hopefully the two others pick a Rouge and a Wizard.

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  • 411 weeks
    more mares/stallions to check out

    I can't believe I am doing this aging, my grammer is ok at best

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  • 431 weeks
    mares/stallions to check out

    Aegis Shield: he is right behind Pen Stroke as far as followers go, but I do love his stories their well thought out, and really good, so if you have not read them, and if you do not have anything to read cheek them out.
    Anonymous Pegasus: if you like changeling that are good, I would check him out as well : An Affliction of the heart: is the best one of his.

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more mares/stallions to check out · 5:37pm Jul 30th, 2013

I can't believe I am doing this aging, my grammer is ok at best

Gyvon: his story that I read is "On the Wings of Angels" this is a halo crossover, what happen is do to a experiment mishap twilight was sent to a different planet and gets home, ( all of that is explained in the first chapter) normally I stay away from crossover on halo, call of duty, ect. But the description looked well done so I began reading, it has comedy, some gore on the covenant side so far, and twilight being a boss

Pen stroke: as if this guy needs anymore followers he has currently 4016 followers, his story "Past Sins" and "Winter Bells" both have a Charter named Nyx "Past Sins" is how a group of ponys try to resurrect Nightmare Moon. "Winter Bells" is after "Past Sins" and its Hearth's Warmming and Nyx get's to spend time with her family

Alexanderhunt88: this man is the grammer nazi I hope the tells Me how many mistakes I made in this post, his story "Caring for a Changeling" is how Fruit Heart find a changeling in her house broken and hurt, instead of calling the guard she heals it and try to make freinds, or will the changeling drive her away

Aegis Shield: I have talked about this man before but not his storys or youtube channle, his story, "The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon" this story is where there was no luna but Nightmare Moon it is a great story and has a sequel. I like story where the bad guy turn good or are good. now his youtube channle is TtheWriter he talked about his DND and pathfinder game that he has had in the past, my favorite so far is "Spoony the Bard" it is fun as hell if you like DND I would check him out

Niaeruzu: his story "Thrown Aboad" is about a changeling that gets blamed for macking Chrysalis's plan fail, and is banised, and comes across ponyville and being banised turned out to be the best thing that ever happed to him. And this story has a sequel " My Little Changeling: friendship is werid" a great story

RealityCheck: this guy post Nyx story like "Nyx's Family" and "Cheerilee's Class" but is different from Pen stroke's, in his storys "Winter Bells" never happen that being said. They are great story to read and you would would be wise to read "Past Sins" before reading this storys

( I wonder if anyone reads these)

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