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So, 1000 Upvotes For Unepic Pony War · 2:39am Jul 24th, 2013

I've been hesitant to post anything on this blog because I didn't want to spam everyone who watched me unless I had something vaguely interesting to say. But that's one heck of a milestone, and it probably deserves a few words. So:

Wow. This makes, via the hard numbers, this "silly little story" the most popular thing I've ever written. When you start counting favorites/likes per word written or hour spent working on it, it gets kind of ridiculous. (The second most popular story I've ever written: three years to write, 300,000 words, about 850 favorites on fanfiction.net the last time I looked.)

So I really can't thank Skywriter enough for the signal boost that almost certainly stopped the story from falling off the front page without a trace.

But I really really can't thank you all enough for reading my story and letting me know - whether via comments, upvotes, watches, or favorites - that you enjoyed what I'd written.

And if you aren't interested in what I've been up to since then, that's all! If you are interested, I'll have another blog post momentarily, but I'll end this one here so I can tag it with this story without feeling guilty.

Ps. Actually, 1001 upvotes now that I'm done writing this post. Thanks to you, number 1001!

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You should blog more though. I completely forgot who you were, and why you would be in my feed. :twilightsheepish:
Don't worry about silly blog posts. S'what the blog is good for. :raritywink:

I might give this other story a try if i knew what the name was.

If you're really curious, it's a Naruto story called One Hundred Days. I didn't name/link it in the blog post because it's not about ponies and it's not really anything like Unepic Pony War.

Also, it felt a little in poor taste to plug totally unrelated stories in a post that supposed to be about thanking you all for reading this one. :twilightsmile:

As noted, people wouldn't have upvoted if they hadn't liked what they saw once they got there. Congrats, you earned it!

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