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firestorm blade

a warrior of the element of fire, firestorm blade specializes in fire magic is most skilled in swordsmanship, with great courage in his heart he never gives up without a fight.

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    tf2 class idea

    class name: the tank

    real name: jacob carico (or for more humourous purposes: does it really matter? I'm here to kick butt, not ask names!)

    birthplace: japan

    Primary weapon: assault rifle can zoom in like sniper scope, cannot achieve headshots, deals more damage zoomed out

    secondary weapon: pistol

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tf2 class idea · 11:44pm Jul 22nd, 2013

class name: the tank

real name: jacob carico (or for more humourous purposes: does it really matter? I'm here to kick butt, not ask names!)

birthplace: japan

Primary weapon: assault rifle can zoom in like sniper scope, cannot achieve headshots, deals more damage zoomed out

secondary weapon: pistol

melee weapon: samurai blade attack speed, as fast as a scout swinging his bat, attack reach, as long as an eyelander, attack strength, as strong as a soldier swinging a shovel.

speed: ¾ as fast as scout

health: ½ as much as spy's

special weapon: tank armor and speed armor armor depot must be built by engineer first before tank can select armors.

backstory: a very intellectual individual born into a family of genius inventors millionaires, tank wanted to do something more....explosive with his life, He worked for grey mann before grey mann fired him for telling saxton hale about the robots, but before he left the building he took a prototype of the giant heavy robot for himself.After hearing about the team fortress people fighting grey manns robots on saxton hale's orders, tank decided he wanted to join them and blow the crap out of the robots and get revenge on grey mann, later he started building designs for his two armors but never really had the chance to test them out because he couldn’t build the speed armor right and couldn’t seem to reprogram the heavy robot, but he could drive it from the inside, after he decided that someone like engineer could help him, he asked him to help him build the armor depot for tank. After building the armor depot and getting his armor on, he tested them out by climbing right inside them and going out to fight for saxton hale! He is also the only one who understands the pyro because he knows pyro speaks morse code and the two know each other from high school. He has also had personal experiences with the other classes, he cleaned Sasha for Heavy to earn the money he needed to take the same engineering class as engineer, was on a baseball team with scout, had spy as a tour guide during a trip to france, helped demoman find his families ancient recipe for scrumpy, was the one medic took out the skeleton of (THANK GOD for his millionaire parents paying for a skeleton replacement), gave sniper his first hunting job, which he rewarded sniper with a large sum of cash and his signature hat, and soldier owes him two dollars. He also met merasmus twice, the first time he helped merasmus find the bombnomicon again and merasmus granted him extreme good luck, the second time he accidentally broke his staff and merasmus cursed him with extreme bad luck, now he switches between good and bad luck at random.

Tank armor primary weapon:grenade launcher minigun. fires grenades 50% faster than demoman grenade launchers, more damage on direct hit, less splash damage, more knockback. More ammo

Speed armor primary weapon:fully automatic scattergun. more ammo, double clip size, bigger spread, more damage, hold down fire button to fire every bullet in clip at once for massive damage and spread, massive knockback at close range, allows for speed armor variation of double jump by copying scouts force jump.

Tank armor secondary weapon: gatling gun. higher rate of fire, more damage, less ammo, loose no speed revving up gun, more time to rev up gun, less accurate at longer ranges.

Speed armor secondary weapon: double pistol double firing speed, fires two shots in one click, double ammo, half damage, twice the clip size, half as accurate.

Tank armor melee weapon: fists.

Speed armor melee weapon: trench knife. (note, variations of the trench knife are usable by the other classes except engineer.) attack damage: from the front, as strong as a standard melee weapon, from behind, as strong as a critical swing. Attack reach: as far a heavies fists, attack speed, as fast as a scout swinging his bat.

Tank health: X2 as much as heavy.

Tank speed: as fast as heavy spinning a brass beast

tank specialty: head-shots will not work unless you shoot the small gap in the helmet where the tank's unprotected face is, backstabs will not work unless you first place a sapper on the armor.

Weakness: mad milk or jarate will short out weapons except melee until dried off by a pyro's flames, if targeted by a medics medigun, will not heal him, but can still be übercharged.

Speed armor health: twice as much as a scout.

speed armor speed: just as fast as a scout who drank “Criti-cola”.

speed armor special: immune to blunt blows(blunt means non-sharp melee weapons will not hurt him.) cannot be targeted by sentries but takes double damage from wrangled sentries.

weakness: going in water will damage the armor and him until dried out by pyro's flames, spies can place sappers on armors to make the speed armor slow down and the tank armor stop completely. If targeted by a medics medigun, will heal him, but will not be able to übercharge

Non-armored tank taunts: takes out samurai sword and looks at it with a happy look on his face while saying “this blade shall taste blood, yours to be exact.”

takes out pistol and makes “pew-pew” noises and laughs

Attack taunt: stuffs samurai sword in the barrel of the assault rifle and shoots it out at enemies, instantly decapitating them as their head is stuck on the still flying sword.

Tank armor taunts:makes a american salute with fireworks blasting behind him(ends with a firework explosion in the shape of the american flag in july only.)

Attack taunt: aims grenade launcher and fires a grenade directly in front of him, if it hits a foe right next to him, after the explosion that instantly Gibbs an enemy, he blows smoke out the hole in the armor's head area.

Speed armor taunt: takes out a giant camera and sets it up, then the tripod of the camera falls apart, dropping it on his foot, he then reacts by grabbing his foot and saying “OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!” he then picks up the camera and tripod, hoping no one saw him do that.

Attack taunt: crosses his double pistols in an X pattern across his chest, says “iku...” presses two buttons on the pistols, popping out a blade below the barrels of the pistols, then slashes in front of him, decapitating anyone standing in front of him while saying “ZE!”
Alternative: takes out his trench knives, puts them on, and then does a number of very fast punches, ending in a lightning fast uppercut that gibs the enemy, he then crosses his arms and says “heh, wimp. Couldn't even take a punch.”

personality: hot-headed, friendly but competitive as all get out. Calls the other classes different nicknames.

creative Domination quote:
to solider: sorry sergeant but your not well armored like me.
Who’s the maggot now WORM!?!?!
to scout: HA! Sorry kid but you ain’t as fast as you think!
Guess you couldn't keep up kid!(in speed armor)

to heavy: don't worry big guy i'll take great care of Sasha.
I guess I just outsmarted a bullet!(tank armor)

To spy: man your not NEARLY as good at your job as chameleon(tanks partner spy's nickname) is punk(enemy spy nickname).

To medic: man I wish I knew what chemicals you use in your medigun doc, I could really use it.
Alternative: and THAT was for TAKING OUT MY SKELETON!!!!!

To sniper: sorry sureshot, but headshots wont work on me.

To demoman: looks like your lack of depth perception was your downfall against my armor CYCLOPS!!

To pyro: HA! Good one buddy, wish I didn't have to kill you but, oh well.

To engineer: your TOYS are flimsy! And SO ARE YOU TOYMAN!!

Unique trait: if he wears pyrovision goggles, instead of pyroland, he sees everything as if they were in computers, and when an enemy “bleed” he bleeds 0's and 1's instead of blood. When he calls medic he says “DOC! *nearby injuried friendly class nickname* NEEDS ASSISTANCE!” instead. Whenever he wears a hat outside his armor and goes into one, the hat is placed on the top of the armor before he gets in.

Design: relaxed look most of the time, outside of armor wears a team colored emblem of his family (a shield with the four main elements of the world on them, water fire earth and air), a team colored camouflage vest, and a pair of tan jeans and white sneakers and is shorter than scout. Tank armor is basically a headless giant robo heavy with the gatling gun wrapped around its left arm. Speed armor looks like a smaller scale team colored version of the destroyer armor from “thor, god of thunder” with magnetic holsters for his pistols and scattergun, and no spikes on the top of the head area.

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