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I am simply who I am. No more, no less. Everything I am is open to interpretation. I can only hope you interpret me as I interpret myself. Whatever that interpretation is. Good day, and keep smiling!

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Let's have a discussion about Fire Emblem · 3:24pm Jul 18th, 2013

What do you want to talk about?

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Comments ( 4 )

...that's an image file with a youtube link.
And I'm too lazy to type it out by hand.


Or you could have, like, copied and pasted.
Anyway, it's fixed now. Observe it in all its glory!

Well, I was feeling very lazy, and it wouldn't let me copypaste, so I just decided to be lazy.

After watching the video, I am now laughing uncontrollably and my cat will hate you forever. Curse this hilarity.

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