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Bad Trouble · 2:34am Apr 2nd, 2012

I think I may have screwed up pretty bad. This is just a heads up to my watchers (all half dozen of you) that I may not be here for a while. I may very well be sitting in prison. You know how it's April 1st today, and we're supposed to play harmless little pranks on others in a fun little mischievous way? Well, mine backfired ... kind of a lot. I ended up hurting someone really badly, and he may not be able to walk for the rest of his life. We will know when he wakes up. His family is none too pleased about this, and last I heard from them there were shouts of pressing charges. Can you be sent to prison for accidentally crippling someone? I don't know, but I am beyond worried.

I'm not sure why it matters that you all know this, but it just feels like I have to get it out and tell someone. I live alone, so now I find myself drinking a glass of whiskey to steady my nerves, and diving in to the online world to try to distract me. Not that it will make a difference, except to maybe make me feel better. Maybe I am overreacting though. Maybe this will blow over and I won't have to face life altering repercussions from damaging someone else's life. Geez, that sounds cowardly. I mean, it's only natural to want to avoid punishment, but if I really DID confine that guy to a wheel chair, then I think I deserve what I get.

So let this be a lesson to you all. Don't create the situation where a prank could go too far, and end up ruining lives. One of them might end up being your own. If you all don't hear from me for a while ... or ever ... then you'll know what happened.

Thank you, and good night.

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