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  • 368 weeks
    New name

    To all my (four) followers, my temporary new name is FlutterShepard.

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  • 391 weeks
    The Magical Life I Left For Equestria

    I've posted the story, still working on the prologue. I don't know when it will be finished, but I'm aiming for a week.

    4 comments · 165 views
  • 391 weeks

    Once again, I'm only writing this because I need to get something off my chest, and because hopefully someone in future time may look back through my blog posts. Currently my only two followers are my friends IRL. So, yeah.

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  • 402 weeks
    One to two weeks long passed

    I probably should have written this earlier...eh, fuck it.

    I despite what I said in my last post, I'm actually postponing that project for a while, for a couple reasons;

    a. Errant hasn't finished his yet,

    b. I'm not exactly the expert on romance stories. I'm already a terrible writer, and I don't want to mutilate someone else's story.

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  • 407 weeks
    Accidental harmony alternate ending

    Well, I'm sure nopony's currently reading my blog. But, might as well get started. Yal are probably gonna read through the whole thing once I start getting views.

    I LOVE Octavia. Not love, as in what she is usually portrayed as having with vinyl, but I have an extreme admiration for her (hyperbole much).

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New name · 7:30pm Jul 15th, 2013

To all my (four) followers, my temporary new name is FlutterShepard.

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