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PoneMurdered · 12:12am Jul 11th, 2013

Well, THAT was a rousing success.

Before we say anything else, let's give an exceptionally polite round of applause to all the authors who contributed to Ponemurdered. Each had a role in delivering to you all the final product. Some of them deserve your love. Some of them deserve your everlasting hatred. Some of them deserve both.

But all of them deserve your attention.

Lucky Dreams
Whatever Rusty's Fimfic Name Is
Ponydora Prancypants
Cold in Gardez
Wanderer D
Dawn Scroll
Pen Stroke

Special thanks to Gentlecolt Arcainum, who spearheaded this particular project. Without his valiant efforts and tireless British humour, Ponemurdered would not have been possible.

We hope you all had as much fun reading Ponemurdered as we did writing it. It was based upon a similar concept from a Let's Play of Dwarf Fortress, popularly know as Boatmurdered. As with any game of Dwarf Fortress in the history of all forever, the story was a cascade of horrifying events, only some of which were entirely intentional. The League of Extraordinary Gentlecolts has great hopes of enacting similarly entertaining projects in the near future, and hopes that you'll continue to enjoy the fruits of our collective labour.

(For those who hold an interest in the League's personal exploits, we maintain a sporadically updated tumblr blog, containing quotes from actual League members. You can see it here, though do be warned that some of the content therein is generally considered NSFW.)

Some closing comments from our contributing authors:

"My biggest accomplishment of 2013" - Alexstrazsa

"It's like a jelly and cheese sandwich. Crazy, but delicious." - Pen Stroke

"I don't regret anything." - Wanderer D

"Obs is extremely handsome and we should all give him a medal." - Obselescence

And good day to all of you!

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Obs is extremely handsome and we should all give him a medal.

Never before have I heard such lies.

im sure you dont Wonderer lol :rainbowdetermined2:

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